The dragons in Merge Dragons

Dragons are seen as the essence of Merge Dragons. They will give you the dragon power that you need in order to reveal dead land at the camp. You will need to get dragon eggs and then these can be merged into the dragons.

What type of dragons can you find in Merge Dragons Cheats?

There are specific eggs that will obviously give you access to all kinds of dragons. First, you have the standard eggs that have crimson, gargoyle, golem, grass, green, rock, sharp, spotted, toadstool, nature or sun dragons.

But there are also non-buyable eggs, like the butterfly, cosmos, friend, life, midas, prism, tribal, wise or zen dragons. And there are obviously the event eggs like the Anubis, aquad, basket, cat, bunny, cupid, deer, diva, dog, doll, hera, jester, owl dragons and many others.

Mystery eggs

Aside from these eggs, you can also find the mystery eggs. You can buy a nest of them at the egg shop. They will bring you all kinds of different egg types like ruby fire, sapphire and tanzanite eggs. These is a chance that they will be able to give you some very rare dragons. But they can also be rather common, so it’s something that you have to take into consideration.

In Merge Dragons you can find around 48 different dragon breeds, each one of them having 2 tiers and 6 dragon types. So there’s a lot of content to be had here, with more of it expanding all the time and the experience getting better and better no matter the situation. However, you have to keep in mind that you are only allowed to merge dragons that have the same level and breed. If those are not matching, then you will not be able to merge anything which can be an issue.

Merge Dragons is a very creative game and you can see that from the plethora of dragons that they provided. The gameplay is very immersive, you will soon find yourself experimenting with dragons and there’s always new types of dragons and new content coming to make it even more fun.

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