Sample Annual Program Plan

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Month Troop Focus New Scouts Exp. Scouts Venture Key Events
MAR Citizenship 1C Cleanup Envi Sci . PN/CoH

Big Mt

JLT+Webelos Hike

APR Prep for New Scouts . PersFit . Citizenship Outing

Bike Hike


MAY Concentrated push for TF . Instruction . Greenup, Muster Day

Skills Camp, Swim Skills

Spring Ordeal

JUN Canoeing


Basic Camping





. PN/CoH

Spring Campo

Canoe Seminar

JUL Mountaineering 2C Climbing



. Ind Day, Canoe Trip

Rock Climbing, 5-Mi OH

Summer Camp

AUG Hiking and Backpacking 2C Cooking . Summer Adventure
SEP Astronomy 2C . . Androscoggin
OCT Wilderness Survival 2C by CoH . . PN/CoH, SFF

Fall Campo, Fall Ordeal

Multi-Day Trip

NOV First Aid and CPR First Aid First Aid



Survival Hike

DEC Winter Camping


1C CitCom



. Winter Shakedown
JAN Winter Backcountry Travel 1C FamLife


. Klondike

Backcountry Ski/Snowshoe

Annual Prgm Plng Conf

FEB Skiing and Snowboarding 1C Commo . Ski Trip

Fun in the Snow Day

OA Elections



There are several objectives incorporated in this annual plan.

  • The first objective is to have a program that includes advancement opportunities for all Scouts. The monthly themes are selected to provide this opportunity. The program includes periods of time that are dedicated primarily to Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class advancement and it also includes the periodic introduction of merit badges and merit-badge-related topics.

  • The second objective is to introduce Eagle-required merit badges. The intention is to schedule one meeting during a month for introduction of a merit badge. The merit badge counselor will be invited to introduce the merit badge at a Troop meeting and the activity for that meeting will be one that is relevant to that merit badge. Scouts who wish to pursue the merit badge will be required to obtain "blue cards" from the Scoutmaster and then make their own arrangements for further meetings with the merit badge counselor.

  • The third objective is to have a lively outdoor program. The plan above shows some of the major outdoor events that will be scheduled; but it does not show all of the monthly outings that will take place. Those monthly outings will be conceived and scheduled by the Patrol Leaders Council at its monthly meetings. In order to have an outdoor program that is interesting and challenging to all, some of the events, due to their complexity or physical challenge, will only be open to more senior Scouts.

  • The fourth objective is to have an ongoing program of community service and participation in community events.
MAR.......Big Mtn means something like Liberty/Flume or Mt. Lafayette. Note that at this time of the year, all scouts are experienced scouts.

JLT is our formal introductory Junior Leader Training Course. We will follow the academic portion with the Webelos Hike (a Webelos requirement).

APR.......The Citizenship Outing is a road trip like the Concord Road Trip, or the Battleship Cove Outing.

MAY.......Tenderfoot Skills Camp is a campout held at Storrs Pond for the purpose of New Scout indoctrination and Tenderfoot skills development. This campout may also include a Wide Game. If the water is too cold for swimming, the New Scout water rescue skills portion will be held indoors.

JUN.......The Canoe Seminar is taught at Storrs Pond. It may be an overnight weekend or several weekday afternoons followed by a weekend day. The purpose is to teach basic canoeing skills to permit participation in troop canoe trips. We can also do some makeup on new scout water rescue skills. The Canoeing Merit Badge test may also be administered.

JUL ....... The Five-Mile Overnight Hike is a moderately challenging outing intended to develop backpacking and land navigation skills. Typically it is held at Black Mountain and involves some rock climbing, map and compass navigation, and off-trail navigation.

Summer Camp has been to HVSR in the past, but we are planning to go to Camp Bell starting in 2000.

AUG..... The Summer Adventure is a major troop expedition or trek. On even-numbered years we mount an independent expedition such as the Tetons Expedition of 1998 or the Rainier Expedition of 2000. On odd-numbered years we go to a BSA adventure facility such as Philmont.

SEP....... The Androscoggin River trip is a whitewater canoe trip on the Androscoggin River in northern New Hampshire. It is the only reliable whitewater this late in the season. This trip is for experienced scouts with appropriate canoeing credentials.

OCT....... The Multi-Day Trip is a challenging three or four day backpacking trip.

SFF is Scouting for Food, the BSA National Good Turn. It is held on two consecutive Saturday mornings--the last weekend in October and the first in November.

NOV....... This month is devoted exclusively to developing our First Aid skills. Basic first aid, First Aid Merit Badge, and CPR requirements will all be offered in the troop meetings throughout the month. The Survival Hike is an exercise in off-trail navigation, lost procedures, night travel, and short-term survival techniques, usually held on Moose Mountain.

DEC....... The Winter Shakedown is an easy winter trip intended to orient the inexperienced to the rigors of winter camping, and to allow the experienced to improve their skills. Typically this outing has been held in the Dana Nature Preserve.

JAN ....... The Backcountry Ski/Snowshoe Hike is a winter backcountry trip on skis or snowshoes. Past trips have been to Moose Mt and Mt Moosilauke. Typically, this has been a day trip, but it could be an overnight.

FEB....... Fun in the Snow Day is simply a day of fun and frolic in the snow at the Thompson Farm. Activities include sledding, skiing, snow cave building, ice axe practice, cooking, and (of course) the traditional game of King of the Mountain. We follow up with an overnight campout in the snow caves.

Troop 45 Outing Repertoire

Note: This list is definitely under construction. Contact the Troop Scribe with additions or corrections.

Road Trips

  • Concord
  • Battleship Cove
  • Boston Harbor


  • Moose Mt
  • Mt Cardigan
  • Lambert Ridge
  • Mt Cube
  • Velvet Rocks
  • Moosilauke
  • Camel's Hump
  • Black Mountain
  • Caps Ridge

    Overnight Hikes

  • Black Mountain
  • Moose Mt.
  • Happy Hill
  • Wachipauka Pond


  • Appalachian Trail
  • Long Trail
  • Pemigewasset Wilderness


  • Canoe Seminar at Storrs Pond
  • Connecticut River: Sumner Falls to Cornish
  • Connecticut River: Orford to Wilder Dam
  • Androscoggin River
  • Magalloway River-Umbagog Lake-Androscoggin River


  • Mascoma Lake Circuit
  • Oak Hill

    Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

  • Okemo Mountain
  • Dartmouth Skiway

    Backcountry Skiing

  • Storrs Hill Telemark Seminar
  • Moose Mt
  • Mt. Moosilauke


  • Winslow Ledges
  • Mt. Cardigan
  • Black Mountain
  • Garfield Ridge
  • Mt Lafayette (Franconia Ridge)
  • Mt Washington (Ammonusuc Ravine)
  • Mt Jefferson (Caps Ridge)
  • Snow Climbing Training at the Ski Jump
  • Snow Climbing Training at the Skiway


  • Boston Lot Lake
  • Norford Lake
  • Wet Day at Camp Simpson


  • Mallets Bay
  • Mascoma Lake (Dartmouth Yacht Club)


  • Storrs Pond Tenderfoot Skills Camp
  • Fun in the Snow at the Thompson Farm
  • Nunnemacher Cabin and Scout Ski Day at the Skiway
  • Johnson Brook Cabin at the Second College Grant


  • Camp Bell
  • Hidden Valley
  • Philmont
  • Baxter State Park
  • Long Trail


  • Muster Day
  • Greenup Day
  • Independence Day Parade
  • Etna Ladies Aid Strawberry Supper
  • Prouty Ride
  • Valley Net Computer Swap


  • Lebanon Airport Tour
  • Flying at Newport Airport
  • Shooting at Grafton Fish and Game Club
  • Jamboree on the Air

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