Troop 45 Annual Program Plan

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Month Themes Merit Badge Key Events
October Citizenship Citizenship in the Community District Camporee
Rock Climbing
November Emergency Preparedness First Aid
Emergency Preparedness
Scouting for Food
Survival Hike
Winter shakedown overnight
December Science   Toys for Tots
January Winter Skills
Snow Sports Ski Trip
Ice Skating?
Ice Ax Training?
February Snow sports and swimming Swimming, Lifesaving Snow Cave Campout
March Music Music Nunnemacher Cabin
April New Scout Preparation Tenderfoot Skills Crossover
Battleship Cove?
May Fitness Personal Fitness
Patrol Olymics
Greenup Day, Muster Day, Spring Camporee, Shakedown Trip?
June Community Service  
Etna Ladies Aid Strawberry Supper
Long Trek
July Water Sports
Summer Camp at Camp Bell
  Summer Camp
August   Unusual Merit Badge Stadium Cleanup
September Communication    


There are several objectives incorporated in this annual plan.

  • The first objective is to have a program that includes advancement opportunities for all Scouts. The monthly themes are selected to provide this opportunity. The program includes periods of time that are dedicated primarily to Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class advancement and it also includes the periodic introduction of merit badges and merit-badge-related topics.

  • The second objective is to introduce Eagle-required merit badges. The intention is to schedule one meeting during a month for introduction of a merit badge. The merit badge counselor will be invited to introduce the merit badge at a Troop meeting and the activity for that meeting will be one that is relevant to that merit badge. Scouts who wish to pursue the merit badge will be required to obtain "blue cards" from the Scoutmaster and then make their own arrangements for further meetings with the merit badge counselor.

  • The third objective is to have a lively outdoor program. The plan above shows some of the major outdoor events that will be scheduled; but it does not show all of the monthly outings that will take place. Those monthly outings will be conceived and scheduled by the Patrol Leaders Council at its monthly meetings. In order to have an outdoor program that is interesting and challenging to all, some of the events, due to their complexity or physical challenge, will only be open to more senior Scouts.

  • The fourth objective is to have an ongoing program of community service and participation in community events.

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