Mountain Bike Ride Day Troop 45!

1.0 Overview

The Troop 45 Scouts want to sponsor the 2nd Mountain Bike Clinic and ride on June 8th 2002. The goal is to RIDE! We'll review bike safety and maintenance with the aid of a guest instructor called Monty.

After a brief bike inspection, we'll tune our bikes and ride on the trails at Oak Hill- Storrs Pond Recreation Area and work on technique. We want to Ride, LEARN, and have Safe Fun while building Troop 45 Spirit.

2.0 Concept

2.1 Description

The base of operation will be set up at Storrs Pond Area 5 to conduct the clinic and ride excursions. We'll practice our techniques and trade ideas and experiences learned from individual rides. Our guest instructor will brief the group on Mountain Bike safety and maintenance and his riding experience in the White Mountains. We'll break into separate stations where the details of safety, tuning and riding technique will be reviewed.

Group rides will be organized by patrols. Each patrol will be given a map of the area. One adult leader will be assigned to a patrol and ride with them. Scouts will plan and decide their routes. Each patrol must check with SMIC prior to departure and upon arrival to base. Maps will be given out at that time to denote authorization to proceed.

Three stations will be pre-assembled where Scouters and parents would spend time to learn about mountain bike safety and maintenance. The stations are staffed by

  • General Check Out Jeff Postupack
  • Shock maintenance: Jeff Montgomery
  • Chain tension, lube and derailleur: Jeff Montgomery
  • Seat height, handle bars adjustments: Andrew Postupack

    2.2 Schedule of Events

    8 June 2002:
    1000 - Assemble at the Storrs Pond Area 5 and unload bikes, helmets, and gear.
    1015 - Start Mountain Bike inspection and clinic.
    1025 - Review Rules and Regulations
    1030 - Arrange in Patrols and move to each station for mountain bike clinics. Take turns as needed.
    1115 - Break into patrols and perform pre ride checklist.
    1215 - Meet back at base for lunch
    1300 - More riding
    1400 - Pickup at Storrs Pond Area 5

    2.3 Expected Conditions and Difficulty

  • Check the weather and dress appropriately.
  • Rides will be moderated so everyone has an enjoyable experience.
  • All rides depart from Area 5 and return to Area 5. All trails from that point are all up hill. Ride slowly and drink lots of water.
  • Once up top, Scouts must ride single file and not pass on trail. Always remain behind the Patrol leader and stay in control.
  • No riding on seeded grass areas, whether marked or not.
  • No riding on Storrs Pond access roads where cars operate.
  • Allow pedestrians encountered on trail the right of way.
  • Speeders will be returned home early.

    2.4 Special Requirements

    Open to all Boy Scouts, scouters, and parents.

    There are prerequisites for this outing. Participants need to be able to balance and ride a bicycle, and stay in control at all times. Each rider must attend the safety clinic.

    3.0 Administration and Logistics

    3.1 Announcement Date: 4 May 2002

    3.2 Roster Closing Date: 5 June 2002

    3.3 Costs


    3.4 Equipment

    3.4.1 Individual Equipment

  • Class B uniform.
  • Bike
  • Light pack with water, sunscreen, etc.
  • Lunch, more water
  • Helmet is Required (elbow and Knee pads optional)
  • Extra pair of clothes, this is to clean up after a muddy ride.
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes.

    3.4.2 Patrol Equipment

  • First Aid Kit

    3.4.3 Troop Equipment

  • First Aid Kit
  • Maps of Storrs Pond
  • Tools

    3.5 Transportation Plan

    Drop-off Point: Storrs Pond Area 5

    Drop-off Time: 1000 Mon 8 Jun 02

    Pickup Point: Storrs Pond Area 5

    Pickup Time: 1400 Same day

    4.0 Leadership

    4.1 Planning Committee


    4.2 Adult Leaders

    SMIC: Mr. Hoge
    Mr. Postupack

    Approved GCH 7 May 02

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