Troop 45 - Mount Katahdin Survey

Troop 45 is planning a trip to Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park in Maine. The main attractions will be wilderness camping, beautiful hiking trails and undisturbed scenic areas. We expect to split into two hiking groups in the park. We will have a group whose goal will be to complete the challenging climb to the summit of Mt. Katahdin and we will have a group with other goals. This outing should be fun for anyone who even mildly likes the outdoors.

Mr. Young, one of the Troop's Assistant Scoutmasters has just returned from Baxter State Park. He has told us that the park is a very beautiful place where the chances of seeing moose, bear and deer are very high. He saw all three. The park includes 207,733 acres of wilderness with 46 mountain peaks and ridges and 186 miles of trail, from mild to extreme in difficulty. So we can say you were duly warned: Inside the park there is no running water, electricity, or hotel. However, there are many picnic areas and campsites. The nearest town is Millinocket, about 18 miles from the park boundary. Millinocket has motels, restaurants, grocery stores and paper mills.

The planned dates for this outing are Saturday the 11th of August to Tuesday the 14th of August. These dates include travel days. This time frame may be a bit on the short side. We are trying to find the best balance between time off work and time to have fun in Baxter State Park after we have driven for 10 hours. Your input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. The option to stay longer will be open.

Currently we believe that the outing will go like this: We will depart from Hanover early in the morning of August 11th and arrive in Baxter State Park that afternoon. We will spend August 12th and 13th doing a variety of hiking, climbing, and canoeing activities. The return trip will be made on August 14th. Most accommodations in the park would be either in lean-tos or tents. All food would be carried in when we arrive and prepared in campsites. Families wishing to stay in Millinocket during the Troop outing or wishing to stay longer are certainly welcome to make their own arrangements.

We would like to have your input on this outing and an indication of whether or not Scouts and families will participate. Please contact us in one of the following ways and answer questions below. Your answers are not binding but because reservations are required for the park, please be as accurate as possible.


  1. How many Scouts, parents or others from your family will participate in the Troop outing?
  2. Are the dates and the length of the outing suitable for you?
  3. What activities would you like to participate in?

How to Answer:

  1. Email:
  2. Snail male: Carl Hoge; 46 Ferson Rd; Hanover, NH 03755
  3. Telephone: (603) 643-1240

Please reply no later than July 17th. Thanks for your input!

Approved for Planning