Event Title: Wachipauka Pond Winter Overnight
Event Date: 23-24 November 2002
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 1 Dec 2002 GH

Events Log

The group departed from the Old Hospital Parking Lot a few minutes before 1000 on 23 Nov; a bit of a late start. We drove north on Route 10 to Route 25C and then east on 25C to Warren. From Warren we drove north on Route 25 through Glencliffe to the trailhead. After unloading gear at the trailhead, we shuttled one car back to the spot where the AT crosses Route 25C. After all the logistical gyrations, it was approximately 1145 when we started hiking south on the AT. The group proceeded at a comfortable pace, taking several breaks for snacks and water, arriving at the north end of Wachipauka Pond at approximately 1400. We set up camp, made a few hot drinks and then departed at 1500 with the goal of climbing nearby Webster Slide Mountain. The round trip to the top of Webster Slide Mountain was about 2 miles from our campsite and we set a turn-around time of 1600 in order to be able to arrive back at the campsite before dark. Part of the group did make it to the summit of Webster Slide Mountain by 1600 but another part of the group elected to turn around a little earlier so as not to aggrevate some developing blisters. Everyone was back in the campsite by 1630. We then made dinner and went to bed early. Sunday morning the group got up by around 0700, made breakfast, broke camp and were ready to depart at about 0830. Part of the group proceeded south over the summit of Mount Mist to the car positioned on Route 25C while the rest of the group retraced the previous day's hike back to Route 25, arriving there at about 1015. We departed from the Route 25 trailhead at about 1030 and delivered all participants to their homes in Hanover by about 1200.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

Wachipauka Pond proved to be an ideal destination for a moderately difficult overnight outing. The hike in was about two miles but the elevation gain was small enough and gentle enough that all participants were able to make the trip with appropriate gear loads.

We occupied a nice camp site on a point of land along the west side of the pond, just east of the trail junction where the Webster Slide Mountain trail meets the AT. There also appeared to be other camp sites in the area that could be used on future trips. It also looks like it would be possible to camp on the summit of Webster Slide Mountain; this would lengthen the trip by about a mile and increase the difficulty somewhat but the view would be worth the trip.

The water in the pond was crystal clear and suitable for drinking and cooking after it was boiled.

The ability to do a thru-hike on this section of the AT by positioning cars appropriately, adds an interesting variation to the outing. There was not an abundance of parking along 25C but we were able to find an adequate spot; there is a large parking lot at the Route 25 end of the trail.

We had originally planned for the entire group to hike through from Route 25 to Route 25C however one participant was suffering from an upset stomach on Sunday morning so we elected to take most of the group back out the way we had come in. We judged that to be the easier exit route. The upset stomach was treated successfully with Tums and water.


  • Scouts: 7.
  • Adults: 2 for the entire outing plus 2 for Saturday only.

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