Event Title: Survival Hike
Event Date: 20 Nov 11
Owner: Yorke Brown
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Yorke Brown
Report Date: 21 Nov 11 YJB

Events Log

Sun 20Nov11
1300 -- Arrival at Three-Mile Road
1313 -- On trail. Some participants arrived late and caught up. 1320 -- Destination Zero (Mink Brook). Briefed the cross-country plan.
1348 -- Started on cross-country. Small groups with adult coaches. 1500 -- Destination 1. We hit the road 200 m to left of target.
1515 -- Arrived at bivouac site. 1630 -- Departed bivouac.
1641 -- AT intersection.
1655 -- As darkness approached we held a meeting to discuss night travel.
1735 -- Arrived Three-Mile Road.


Most aspects of the outing proceeded reasonably smoothly, although we were not as thorough as planned and finished early. I am convinced of the utility of this outing; we still need to perfect the approach to getting the skill development aspects taken seriously. We need a more exciting hook of some sort.

Lessons Learned

  • Breaking into buddy groups for the cross-country portion worked, although it would have been better if we had separated our starting positions. Teams tended to coalesce.
  • The quality of the land navigation was not very good. We need some way of making the point that care in navigation matters, and that this is an important skill. Despite the buddy group approach, there were still some Scouts who just followed along.
  • The Scouts took little interest in preparing bivouac shelters. Too bad it didn't actually rain. The weather was threatening but actually quite nice.
  • Preparing a cooked meal worked very well--even early in the day.
  • Despite resistance to the idea of night travel, they do get the idea and embrace it after a while.
  • The previous report emphasized the effectiveness of reflections. We should have been more explicit in conducting these. The sit-down meeting we had to discuss night travel worked.


  • Scouts (10)
    David, Robin, George, Adam, Stefan, Devin, Jake, Nick, Sam, and Glen
  • Adults (5)
    Yorke Brown, Tim Smith, Christian Passow, Bill Brown, Dan Mendelsohn

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