Event Title: Long Trail Hike
Event Date: 17-19 October 2003
Owner: Oli & Ted Simpson
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 6 Nov 2003 GH

Events Log

The group met on schedule at 1600 on Friday afternoon and departed for the trailhead. Due to assistance received on Saturday from Mr. Tim Simpson, we were able to defer moving a car to the other end of the trail until Saturday morning. We started on the trail at about 1700 and arrived at the campsite just before dark. We set up camp, cooked dinner and had a campfire before going to bed.

Saturday morning we did a little fishing and then hiked back to Silent Cliff which was a short distance north of the trailhead where we had started. While the group hiked to Silent Cliff, Mr. Simpson and his brother moved one vehicle to the south end of our hike. After visiting Silent Cliff and enjoying the awesome view, we hiked back to our campsite, broke camp and hiked about four miles south to the Sucker Brook Shelter; arriving there in the late afternoon. We were the only people at Sucker Brook Shelter so several of the Scouts were able to sleep in the shelter while the rest of the party used their tents. The quiet of Saturday night was only disturbed by a persistent grouse that drummed periodically throughout the night and a noisy moose that stomped around the perimeter of the campsite.

Sunday morning we broke camp again and hiked the remaining six miles to the road in Brandon Gap; arriving there about 1600.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

The total distance covered along the Long Trail was about 11 miles. The trail pretty much follows a ridgeline, rising to peaks and dropping back to saddles. The entire route is below treeline but there are numerous lookouts that offer fantastic views.

This was a great hike and should be added to the Troop outing repertoire and possibly repeated.


  • Scouts (4)
  • Adults(5)

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