Event Title: Mt. Jefferson via Caps Ridge
Event Date: 23 Sep 2001
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 29 Oct 01 GH

Events Log

The days events essentially followed the schedule outlined in the plan although since we were about 20 minutes late leaving Hanover, we substituted a quick "mini-mart" stop for the planned McDonalds breakfast stop.

The route we followed took us up the Caps Ridge Trail to the Cornice Trail junction. From there we went straight to the summit where we rested and had lunch. When we left the summit, we went north along the ridge to the saddle between Jefferson and Adams. There we connected with the north end of the Cornice Trail and followed it back to the south to rejoin the Caps Ridge Trail for the descent to the parking area.

The weather on the day of the hike was partly cloudy; the summit was slightly in the clouds at times. The wind was light and temperatures were cool.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

This was a good one-day outing. As anticipated, it was a strenuous and challenging hike. The Cornice Trail was particularly difficult even though it generally followed the contour around the mountain. Much of the Cornice Trail involves walking/scrambling over large angular rocks and boulders rather than walking on a defined path.

We did find that there is a marked source of water just east of the trail in the saddle between Jefferson and Adams.


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