Event Title: Norwich University Scouting Association Camporee
Event Date: 19-20 September 2003
Owner: Jeff Postupack
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 27 September 2003 GH

Events Log

This was the first year that the Troop has attended the NUSA Camporee. The camporee is a large event hosted annually by the Norwich University Scouting Association. All together, there were probably 750 Scouts and Scouters at the event.

The camporee was originally scheduled to begin on Friday evening but the schedule was changed due to bad weather from Hurricane Eilene. The group met at 0730 on Saturday morning in the Maynard Street Parking Lot, departed just prior to 0800 and arrived at Norwich University shortly after 0900. The morning was spent checking in and setting up camp. Two freshman cadets were assigned as the Troop's "TAC" officers and they quickly began instructing the Scouts on the basics of drill and ceremonies. Following a formal opening ceremony, the afternoon was devoted to a series of exercises and competitions designed to encourage leadership and teamwork. Following dinner, there was a fireworks display and then a series of skits presented by the various Troops.

On Sunday morning we had breakfast, packed our gear, attended a closing ceremony and came home; arriving in Hanover at about noon.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

This camporee was different than most Troop activities but the Scouts enjoyed it very much. The Norwich cadets were very enthusiastic about everything they did and the Scouts enjoyed asking questions and hearing stories about military academy life. The Scouts did well and benefitted from the various leadership and teamwork exercises.

This was also an opportunity to see Scouts and Troops from all over New England and to see how other Troops operate.


  • Scouts (10)
  • Adults(3)