Event Title: Survival Hike
Event Date: 4 Sep 10
Owner: Yorke Brown
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Yorke Brown
Report Date: 5 Sep 10 YJB

Events Log

Sat 4Sep10
1020 -- Actual start from Three-Mile Road
1100 -- Destination Zero (Mink Brook). Briefed the cross-country plan.
1225 -- Destination 1
1305 -- Arrived at South Peak. Stopped for lunch. 1347 -- Depart South Peak on Nat Thompson Trail
1417 -- Arrived Harris Cabin
1422 -- Depart Harris Cabin
1446 -- Arrived Three-Mile Road


Although most aspects of this outing proceeded smoothly, we did not work efficiently enough to complete all the planned activities. We got off to a late start because of late arrivals, and then spent too much time both preparing for the cross-country portion and actually travelling. The Scouts responded well to these setbacks, though, adapting plans as necessary, and proceeding cheerfully.

Lessons Learned

We conducted reflections at each stop, and the boys came up with useful analysis and lessons learned.
  • Better preparation in the troop meeting would have saved some time at Destination Zero. We spent too much time working out the course to Destination 1.
  • We didn't travel efficiently, and the half-hour estimate for time to travel to Destination 1 stretched to more than an hour.
  • Brief gatherings for reflections work. These should be incorporated into the plan explicitly.


  • Scouts (6), and one guest
    David , Matt, Teddy, George, Fletcher, Robin, and Glenn
  • Adults (4)
    Yorke Brown, Tim Smith, Christian Passow, Honor Passow

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