Event Title: Mount Katahdin
Event Date: 11-14 August 2001
Owner: Byron Young, Tad Richardson
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 26 Aug 01 GH

Events Log

0700 11 Aug - Met at Maynard Street parking lot and departed for Baxter State Park vicinity.

1600 11 Aug - The last of the cars arrived at the Big Moose Inn and Campground .

12 Aug - Because the Troop was camped outside the State Park, we were forced to enter the park under day-use conditions. In order to insure that we would actually get into the park (day-use quotas are limited), we got up at 0300 and departed from the campsite at 0330. By 0345 we were sitting in the line of cars waiting for the gates to open. Fortunately, we were close enough to the front of the line to guarantee that we would get in. We were admitted to the park when the gate opened at 0500 and by 0545 we were in the parking lot at the Roaring Brook Campground; the trailhead for our summit assault. We had two parties that both went to the summit of Baxter Peak. The first group went up the Chimney Pond and Saddle trails and the second group used the Helon Taylor and Knife Edge trails. The second group arrived at the summit slightly ahead of the first, but both groups were on the summit at 1230. We came down using both the Saddle Trail and the Cathedral Trail, meeting at the Chimney Pond Campground and then the entire party returned to the cars via the Chimney Pond Trail. Everyone was back at the cars by about 1830.

Back in the campground that evening, we took stock of our options for next day. Because no one was eager to get up at 0300 again to get back in the park, and because our outside-the-park options were limited, the group unanimously decided to end the outing a day early. The predominant feeling was that we had come to climb Mt. Katahdin and had been successful.

13 Aug - The last car departed from the campsite at about 1000 for the return trip to Hanover.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

Future trips to Baxter State Park should not be undertaken without advance reservations to camp inside the park. Reservations start to be given out on January 2nd.

The successful climb was a source of great satisfaction for all.


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