Event Title:

Camp Bell 2001

Event Date:

22-28 July 2001


June Richardson


Gregg Hoge

Report Date:

26 Aug 01 GH

Events Log

1030 22 July - Met at Maynard Street parking lot and departed for Camp Bell.

1330 22 July - Arrived at Camp Bell.

During the week at Camp Bell, our two patrols participated in a variety of the activities offered by the camp. The schedule was as follows:

  Buccanneers C Co.
Monday Swimming and Tubing Patrol Challenge
Tuesday Farm Mechanics Archery
Wednesday Mountain Man Climbing
Thursday Lumberjack Swimming and Tubing
Friday Climbing Pioneering

In addition to these activities, the patrols prepared all their own meals, participated in campfire programs on Sunday and Friday evenings, and had individual program time in the evenings.

0930 28 July - Parents arrived at Camp Bell for pickuup and began departing.

1330 28 July - All participants were home.


Once again this year, our week at Camp Bell was a big success. The following comments pertain to the program elements that we participated in:

Meal preparation went very well this year. Two improvements were noted over last year: First, we did not waste as much food because we had learned our lesson from the previous year and not ordered as much. Second, we produced much less trash because the camp has discontinued the use of paper and styrofoam plates and plastic cutlery.

Lessons Learned

This year, we discouraged the mass shipment of "care packages" from home to camp that happened last year. The reasons for discouraging these packages are: candy in large quantities upsets the regular flow of good food at meal times, and shipments of candy make for "haves" and "have nots" which can lead to morale problems. Continue to discourage the shipments next year.

Next year we should set up a process by which the Scoutmaster at camp can contact the transportation coordinator in Hanover on Thursday or Friday to get the exact details on the transportation plans for every Scout. Although we had plenty of cars and seats on Saturday morning, we were not sure exactly whether a couple Scouts were supposed to ride with someone or whether their parents were enroute to pick them up.

We should return to Camp Bell next year.

Thanks to Stan Crane, Jeff Postupack, Ted Simpson and Harold Frost for the time they spent with us at camp. Because they gave their time, we always had at least three adults in camp.


  • Scouts (14 all week)
  • Adults(2 all week, 3 part of the week)

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