Event Title: Mt. Lafayette Hike
Event Date: 21 June 2003
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 22 June 2003 GH

Events Log

The party assembled at the Park-and-Ride lot in Lyme and departed from there on schedule. We arrived in Franconia notch on time and actually started up the Bridal Path trail a few minutes ahead of schedule, at about 0900. We reached the Greenleaf Hut at 1130 with everyone in good spirits. We had lunch at the Hut, with numerous members of the party enjoying the hot soup (all you can eat for a dollar) prepared by the staff of the Hut. Mr. Danna surprised everyone at the hut by producing 2 half-gallons of ice cream, still frozen, from the depths of his pack! Everyone enjoyed that treat after the three mile hike they had just done. The party left the Greenleaf Hut at about 1215 and proceeded to the summit of Mt. Lafayette, reaching there at about 1330. After a rest and some snacks at the summit we decided that rather than going back down the way we had come up, that we would traverse the Franconia Ridge to Mt. Lincoln and Little Haystack Mountain and then descend by way of the Falling Waters Trail. This route was followed and we arrived back at the Lafayette Place parking lot at about 1815. After enjoying the excellent cuisine at McDonalds in North Woodstock, we returned to Hanover, arriving home before 2100.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

This was a pretty aggressive hike, however the nice weather and beautiful views made it enjoyable by all. The length of the hike was approximately 9 miles.

We ended up with a party of nineteen (19) people on this trip however because 9 of those were adults, there were no problems controlling the group. The rule about stops at trial junctions was followed by all.

Black Fly season doesn't end on Father's Day in the White Mountains!


  • Scouts (9 plus one guest)
  • Adults(9)