Event Title: Valley Net Computer Swap Service Project
Event Date: 8 May 04
Owner: Byron Young
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Byron Young
Report Date: 12 May 04 YJB

Events Log

Sat 8May04

0900 -- Early arrivals were put to work directing traffic at the entrance.
0930 -- We were assigned to assist with the compute swap, rather than recycling because Troop 232 (White River Junction) was handling the recycling operation. Scouts helped customers load equipment into cars, while the adults checked paid receipts at the door.
1000 -- Doors opened.
1200 -- Valley Net provided lunch.
1300 -- Doors closed and we began helping with cleanup.
1330 -- Cleanup nearly complete and there was nothing left for us to do. Scouts were picked up by parents.


The operation went smoothly. Valley Net was well organized and knew what they wanted us to do.

Lessons Learned

  • Only two scouts were present all day. This was enough, but during the early rush, a couple more would have been useful. In the future we could advertise that if you only want to work an hour or two, the period from 0900-1030 would be the time to be there.

  • Troop 232 handled recycling. If they do not show next year, we will need more than two scouts!

  • The boys looked sharp in Class A uniform. This uniform was appropriate for the indoor work.

  • Older scouts could handle the door-checking task.


  • Scouts: 3
  • Adults: 2

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