Event Title: Dartmouth COllege Grant/Johnson's Brook Cabin
Event Date: 07 Mar 2003 - 09 Mar 2003
Owner: Paul Olsen
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Bill Scavone
Report Date: 14 Mar 2003 BS

Events Log

(Times are approximate)


  • 1230 Depart Hanover
  • Lunch at Lancaster, NH, McDonald's
  • 1600-1640 Arrive at trailhead, Divide food & Gear up to ski to cabin
  • 1742-1811 Arrive at cabin (based on sunset data, courtesy US Naval Observatory)
  • Dinner prepared by troop


  • 0700-1000 Breakfast prepared by troop, clean up
  • 1000-1300 Skied as one group up Four Mile Brook till lunch break, after which the group split into 2 to explore limited area off-trail either by snowshoe or ski
  • 1530-1600 Reformed and returned to cabin for free-time till dinner
  • Dinner prepared by troop


  • 0700-1000 Breakfast prepared by troop, clean up, pack
  • 1000-1030 Formed up and skied to trailhead
  • 1100-1130 Depart for Hanover, with stops for lunch at Erol(sic) Diner and Lancaster McDonald's (2 vehicles)

    Analysis and Lessons Learned

    A very good trip. The terrain is manageable for all levels of ability. The cabin is in great shape, warm with a wood stove and plenty of fuel. Dedicated gas lights throughout cabin as well as gas stove/oven and refrigerator (summer only). Playings cards and reading materials available. Pillows and blankets provided, pillow-case would be a good item to bring.

    The only diffilculty was with a frozen sink drain, so we had to clean all food scraps carefully into garbage and discard dishwater outside away from water sources. Used minimal dish soap and a very hot wash/rinse.

    In the future, bring troop hand sanitizer as there is no running water in sub-freezing temps. Also recommned we bring dish soap, scouring pad, sponge, and/or wash cloth.

    For future activities, there is a possibility of open slopes to the west of the cabin for those that would like some steeper terrain. Worth investigating. For a more destination-oriented activity, exploring Rand's Rock to the east would provide a good opportunity to combine skiing and snowshoeing with a loop up past Alder Brook. The trails were mostly flat with some uphill/downhill. Light X-country skis recommended for trails-- something with planty of "kick!"

    Bring plenty of paper towels!

    Submitted by: Bill Scavone, ASM


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