Event Title: Killington Ski Trip
Event Date: 10 Feb 02
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 10 Feb 02 GH

Events Log

The trip went according to plan. We met in the old hospital parking lot at 0800 and departed there at 0815, munching on yesterday's donuts (see Operation Old Glory report from yesterday). We arrived at the Killington Skyship gondola base station on Route 4, promptly at 0900, doned gear, picked up tickets and were on the lift by 0930. We skied in groups of 3-5 and everyone met at 1230 for a rendezvous and lunch at the Bear Mountain base lodge. At 1600, everyone returned to the gondola base and we departed there at about 1630. Everyone was delivered home by 1745.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

Our thanks go out to Mr. Malone for coordinating the event and obtaining the discount tickets.


  • Scouts (9) plus one guest.
  • Adults(8)

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