Event Title: Winter Fun Weekend at the Nunnemacher Cabin
Event Date: 7-9 February 2003
Owner: Gregg Hoge
Scoutmaster-in-Charge: Gregg Hoge
Report Date: 2 March 2003 GH

Events Log

The weekend events proceeded pretty much as outlined in the plan. An advance party was able to arrive at the skiway at about 3:00 PM on Friday and move a load of gear and water to the cabin with the aid of the ski patrol.

The upstairs room (attic) was a great sleeping area for the Scouts and the adults were comfortable in the downstairs living room area.

Evenings were taken up with ski tuning, night hikes to the summit, and socializing.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

This was a great outing for Scouts of all ages. The weather was outstanding and the skiing was fantastic.

A few observations and good things to know: