Battleship Cove Floating Museum
Information and Permission Slip

On May 25, 2002 Troop 45 will be traveling to Battleship Cove in Falls River, MA. A tour bus has been arranged for transportation and will pick up participants Saturday at 8 AM in the old hospital parking lot, returning the following day May 26 between 4 and 6 PM. Each Scout should bring a sleeping bag and personal hygiene materials. Scouts should have eaten breakfast before they board the bus and bring a bag lunch or be prepared to purchase one. A lunch stop is planned on the way. While at Battleship Cove a dinner, breakfast and box lunch for the trip back will be provided. Transportation down and back, admission fee to the museum, lodging on board the battleship and three meals will cost each Scout $65.00 made payable to Troop 45. We are limited to 30 Scouts so please reserve your space early. More information about Battleship Cove can be found at the Battleship Cove web site.

I ___________________________________________ give my permission for

________________________________________________ to attend the Battleship Cove activity with Troop 45 and the Scout Leadership for this activity can authorize medical attention if necessary in my absence.

I am interested in attending as an adult leader: Yes / No

Phone number for emergency contact: _________________________________

Special instructions or medical information: