What to Bring to Camp

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  • Clothing
    We will be in official uniform at all times during the expedition. Class A uniform including neckerchief is required for travel and flags. Class B (the cotton tee shirt) at all other times.
    ___ Extra T-Shirts
    ___ Extra Pants
    ___ Extra Shorts
    ___ Extra Socks
    ___ Extra Underwear
    ___ Jacket
    ___ Rain Gear
    ___ Sleep wear
    ___ Sneakers
    ___ Hiking Boots
    ___ Swim Suit
    ___ Towel
  • Toiletries
    ___ Washcloth
    ___ Soap
    ___ Comb
    ___ Toothbrush
    ___ Toothpaste
    ___ Deodorant
  • Sleeping Gear
    ___ Sleeping Bag or Blankets and sheet
    ___ Pillow
    ___ Bug Net
    ___ Sleeping pad (cots are provided)
  • Personal Equipment
    ___ Day Pack (Absolutely essential!)
    ___ Water Bottle
    ___ Knife, fork, spoon, cup, bowl, plate
    ___ Boy Scout Handbook
    ___ Notebook, Pen or Pencil
    ___ Watch
    ___ Flashlight or headlamp, batteries
    ___ Pocket Knife (folding, less than 2 1/2" blade)
    ___ Sun Screen
    ___ Non-Aerosol(!) Bug Repellant
    ___ Laundry Bag
    ___ Personal First Aid Kit
    ___ Wallet, Money for the trading post, meals during travel.
    ___ Reading matter
    ___ Compass
    ___ Camera
    ___ Sunglasses
    ___ Songbook
    ___ Musical Instrument
    ___ Nature Books
    ___ Bible, Prayer Book
    ___ Fishing Gear
    ___ Stationery and Stamps


  • Pets
  • Sheath knives, lockback knives
  • Axes, saws
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons or anything that resembles a weapon including archery equipment, toys, and squirt guns.
  • Electronic equipment including cell phones
  • Glass containers
  • un-Scout-like entertainment materials

    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in camp.

    Valuable items should be left at home.

    Scouts and Leaders should mark all their items with their name and unit number. Many, many items are lost or misplaced and are never claimed. If items are marked we will try our best to return them to the rightful owner.

  • T45: Camp Pack List
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