Driving Directions
to Griswold Scout Reservation
Including Hidden Valley and Camp Bell

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Please use the following directions for travelling to and from Camp Bell and Hidden Valley (the two camps located on the Griswold Scout Reservation). Travel to the reservation produces a relatively large volume of traffic that causes problems for the camps' neighbors. On different weeks, the camps use different routes in order to spread the impact. This is the route assigned for our week at camp. Please obey all posted speed limits and drive courteously.

Leg #1. Hanover to McDonalds at I-93 in Tilton, NH. Travel time approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  • Depart Hanover and follow Route 120 towards Lebanon and Interstate 89.
  • Take I-89 South to Exit 11 for Route 11 East.
  • Follow Route 11 East through the towns of Andover, Franklin and Tilton. This route is well marked but there are a few turns. Give your Scouts an exercise in land navigation by having them follow your progress on a road map. You will pass a McDonalds restaurant in Franklin (or Tilton) before you reach the Interstate 93 interchange. Don't stop here! The McDonalds you are looking for is on the right, just after you cross over I-93.
Stopping at this McDonalds for lunch gives us a chance to get the travelers together to enjoy a last "real meal" before they start cooking for themselves. Scouts should be in Class A uniform at McDonalds. Everyone should leave McDonalds at the same time so as to arrive at Camp Bell at the same time. At the end of the week, its a great place for a "return to civilization" breakfast.

Leg #2. McDonalds to Camp Bell. Travel time approximately 45 minutes.

  • Depart McDonalds by turning right as you leave the parking lot. This puts you on Route 140 East.
  • Follow Route 140 east for about 5 miles and you pass through the town of Belmont. Route 140 makes a couple turns in Belmont; first a left and then a right before continuing out of town.
  • Continue on Route 140 east through Gilmonton where you will cross Route 107 at a flashing traffic light. A little more than 6 miles beyond the Route 107 intersection (10 miles from Belmont), you will see Crystal Lake Road on the left. You're almost there! Very few good roads beyond this point!
  • Turn left on Crystal Lake Road. Almost immediately after turning onto Crystal Lake Road, the road forks.
  • Bear left at the fork staying on Crystal Lake Road.
  • Travel 3 miles and turn right onto Places Mill Road (Google Maps has this intersection wrong!)
  • Travel a half mile and see the entrance to Griswold Scout Reservation on the left. Turn left onto the reservation.
  • Follow the signs to Camp Bell. (It's well past Hidden Valley on Manning Lake.)

The Troop 45 Advance Party will meet you in the parking lot at the destination camp.

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