• Set up chairs, front table, podium
  • Color Guard prep
  • Skit prep
  • Demo setup
  • Slide setup

    OPENING (7:15)


    WELCOME (7:20)

    SPL: "Good evening, everyone. Thank you for coming to our Parents Night this evening. I would now like to introduce our Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."

    TCC: (Welcoming remarks)

    (ASPL and New Members form at rear of hall)

    SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. The troop has been very busy over the summer, and tonight we'd like to share with you some of what we've been doing. But first, we'd like to introduce you to several new members of our troop."


    (SM steps to stage left)

    SPL: "Mr. Morris, please present the new members."

    (SPL joins SM stage left)

    (ASPL brings new members forward and aligns them across the front of the hall. ASPL steps to stage right)

    ASPL: "It is my pleasure to introduce these scouts who have joined Troop 45 since our last Parents Night.

    SM: "Thank you Mr. Morris. Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Troop 45. As members of the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts, each of you has taken the Scout Oath and has embraced the Scout Law. As you join Troop 45, I charge each of you to recommit yourself to the ideals of scouting and to bring Scout Spirit to all you do."

    SPL: "Patrol Leaders, call your scouts."

    EVENT REPORTS (7:30)

    SPL: "And now for your viewing pleasure, several scouts have prepared multi-media presentations on some of the outings we've been on this summer. First up, is

    SKIT (7:51)

    SPL: "And if that was not entertaining enough, the New Scout Patrol, under the direction of Peta Blake, has a skit for us."

    New Scout Patrol: (skit)

    STATIONS (7:55)

    SPL: "As you can see, we have several displays set up around the room. So that everyone has a chance to see all of the demonstrations we're going to use a technique called stations. I'll divide the room into four sections. Each section goes to a demonstration for about five minutes. When I call for rotation, go with your group to the next station clockwise around the room. Everybody in that quarter of the room go to that station; everyone in that corner of the room go to that station; this quarter goes here; and this quarter goes here. "

    (rotate after five minutes, three times then return to seats)



    COURT OF HONOR (8:20)

    SPL: "Our Court of Honor tonight will be conducted by our Scoutmaster, Mr. Brown, and by the Chairman of the Board of Review, Mr. Thompson. Mr. Collins, would you please open our Court of Honor?"

    TCC: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America, I declare this Court of Honor open for the purpose of recognizing the achievements of the Scouts of Troop 45."

    SM: "Before Mr. Collins close the Court of Honor, I'd like to thank all the parents and committee members who have served on the monthly sessions of the Board of Review over the past six months."

    TCC: "I now declare this Court of Honor officially closed. Congratulations to all who have worked to earn the awards presented this evening."

    CLOSING (8:40)

    SM: (Scoutmaster's Minute)


    SPL: (benediction)