Set up chairs, flags

Color Guard prep

Skit prep

Demo setup

Slide setup

OPENING (7:15)

SPL: (front and center, make Sign)

"Please rise for the American Flag."

"Color Guard, Post"

(Color Guard posts colors)

"Scout Salute. I pledge allegiance..."

"Scout Sign. On my honor, I will ..."

"Color Guard, dismissed." (Color Guard retreats.)


SM: "Good evening, everyone. Let me welcome you to this Parents Night; I'm very glad to see all of you here this evening. Thank you for coming. I would now like to introduce our Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."

TCC: (Welcoming remarks)

SPL: "The troop has been very busy over the summer. We've been working hard on all our advancements, seriously striving for meaningful achievement. Tonight we'd like to share with you some of what we've been doing. The first thing that we would like to do is induct the new scouts into our troop."


(SM and SPL front and center)

SM: (Introductory remarks) "...Mr.Frost, please present the candidates."

(ASPL brings new scouts forward and aligns them across the front of the hall.)

ASPL: "Mr. Brown, these boys have met the requirements for membership in the Boy Scouts of America and wish to join Troop 45."

SM: "Thank you Mr. Frost. Mr. Kinlaw, please administer the Scout Oath."

SPL: (make sign) "Scout Sign.... On my honor...."

SPL: "In joining with us as Scouts you have pledged to live by the Scout Law. The Troop Bugler will now give the Twelve Points of the Scout Law."

Bugler: "A Scout is Trustworthy." (Gavin echoes with description.)

...... all twelve points

SM: "You have taken the Scout Oath and you have heard the Scout Law. I congratulate you on choosing to join us and I welcome you to the Troop and to the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts. I charge you to strive to live up to the ideals of Scouting."

Bugler: As I call your name, please come forward to receive your neckerchief and take your place with the troop."

Bugler: (call names, new patrol; give neckerchief to SPL)

SPL: (Puts on neckerchieves, Scout Handshake)

SM: (Scout Handshake)

SPL: "Now, as the first thing that the new scouts will do as members of the troop is to put on a little skit for you."


New Scout Patrol: (Invisible Bench skit)


SM: (Remarks leading to recognition of contributors and introduction of ASMs...... Thank you Mr. Kinlaw.)


SPL: "Our Court of Honor tonight will be conducted by our Scoutmaster, Mr. Brown, and by the Chairman of the Board of Review, Mr. Thompson."

SM: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America, I declare this Court of Honor open for the purpose of recognizing the achievements of the Scouts of Troop 45."

(Introduces Chairman of Board of Review. Conducts CoH)

(TF?, SC, FC, Star)

(Merit Badges)

SM: "Before I close the Court of Honor, I'd like to thank all

the parents and committee members who have served on the monthly sessions

of the Board of Review over the past six months."

SM: "I now declare this Court of Honor officially closed.

Congratulations to all who have worked to earn the awards presented this



SPL: "Over the summer, the troop went on several outings, including two very large ones to summer camp and the Tetons. Mike Morris and Ms. Chamberlain have a presentation to give you on our summer camp experience."

Mike and Ms. Chamberlain: (Camp presentation)

SPL: "We also went on the infamous Tetons Expedition, which many of you were a part of. Now Gavin Brown and Jay Buckey would like to present to you their report of the Middle Teton Climb."

Gavin and Jay: (Teton report)

SPL: "Now I would like to make a presentation on behalf of the venture crew about the Tetons."

Paul: (Teton report)

SPL: "Now that we have told you about all the cool things that we did over the summer, I think that I would be nice if you could see some of the thing that we did first hand. A handful of scouts, led by Mr. Noel, and backed by the awesome power of the Dartmouth Interactive Media Lab have put together the wonderful presentation that you are about to see.

(slides/power point)

SPL: "Finally, Russell Richedson has a report that he would like to make on the Androscoggin Canoe trip, Russell would you please come forward."

Russell: (Canoe trip report) (Pictures at the front)


SPL: "Before we close, are there any announcements?"



SPL: "If there are no more announcements, it is now time for the Scoutmaster's Minute."

SM: (Scoutmaster's Minute)

SPL: "Please rise for the closing ceremony."

"Scout Sign... A Scout is trustworthy, ...."

"Everyone is invited to join us for our closing Circle of Friendship."

(Circle up) (Scout Vespers)

SPL: (benediction)