Parents Night

October 29, 2002

CRREL Auditorium




Set up tables in lobby for refreshments, front table, and podium   - Will, Carl, Chris, Brendan

Power Point Setup - Carl

Color Guard Prep    - organized by Greg

Prepare to file in (no sitting before the opening, ASPL in charge at rear of hall)   - Brendan leads them in


OPENING (7:15)




(front and center, make Sign)

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us, please take your seats."

(wait for parents to sit)

"Troop Formation."

(Troop files in and takes its place standing. ASPL Leading.)

"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the American flag."

"Troop, Attention. Color guard, post the colors"

(Color guard posts the colors)

"Scout Salute. I pledge..."


"Scout Sign. On my honor..."


"Color Guard, dismissed"

(Color guard retreats)

"Please be seated"


WELCOME (7:20)


SPL: [formalities]…

“I would like to introduce our Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."


Mr. Collins: (Welcoming remarks)




SPL: “Thank you Mr. Collins.  We have several announcements this evening.


First, Will Henderson-Frost would like to talk about Scouting for Food


Will: (Makes announcement)


Next, I would like to remind everyone about some upcoming Troop activities. 


On Sunday, November 10th, we will go on a hike to a big mountain. The exact destination has not been chosen yet but it will be someplace where we can gain experience and review procedures for hiking in cold and windy conditions. Liberty, Lafayette and Cardigan are possibilities. There is no school on Monday the 11th so there is no reason to miss this outing!


On the weekend of November 23rd and 24th, we will have a “Get ready for winter” campout. If the weather cooperates, this will be an opportunity to learn winter camping skills.


Last but not least, remember that there will be a PLC meeting next Monday, November 2nd at 7:00 PM at the Howe Library.




SPL: It has been a very busy summer. We’ve been a lot of places and done a lot of activities including our trips to Camp Bell and to Colorado. We have put together a short slide presentation to show you some of the highlights.


The most recent activity was a Mountain Biking and Climbing Overnight. We’ll have 2 reports on that 

·         Robert Hoge- mountain biking

·         Axel Hansen - climbing


Two weeks ago, we visited the Lebanon Airport

·         William Henderson-Frost


Tenderfoot Skill Camp at Storrs Pond September 20-21, 2002     

·         Michael Balch and Paul Fitzmaurice


 The biggest event of the summer was the trip Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ll give you an overview and we’ll have three presentations about various parts of that trip

·         Overview : Chris

·         Arapaho presentation : Greg and Russell 

·         Mountain biking presentation:  Christian Olsen

·         Camping and fishing:  Brendon


Our trip to Camp Bell was a lot of fun.  

·         Andrew


 Black Mountain Hike and Overnight July 13-14, 2002 

·         Chris




SPL:  Now that we’ve been sitting for a while, we’ll have some activities so we can stand up and move around a bit.


At this time, I would like to ask that our Senior Scouts gather their equipment and position themselves at their stations around the auditorium.  (Sr. Scouts move to stations.)


At each of the stations around the room, the Senior Scouts are prepared to score a different test of basic Scout skills. Parents of Senior Scouts may assist with the scoring.  When we are ready to begin, I will give each parent or pair of parents a score sheet. They should then go to any one of the stations and try their hand at the Scout skill that will be described by the Senior Scout at that station. Points will be awarded for successfully demonstrating the skill. Both a parent and a Scout can earn points at each station. Scouts with two parents present should decide which parent they want to attempt each skill; only one parent can earn points at each station. When you finish a station, you can move to any other station that doesn’t have a big crowd.


If the Senior Scouts are ready, I’ll pass out the forms and you may begin!  (Distribute forms to parents and activity begins.



(About 8:05)


SPL Announces: “When you complete the skill that you are currently working on, please turn in your forms to ____________ and return to your seats.”


(About 8:10 everyone should be reseated)




SPL: "I hope you all enjoyed the Scout skill activities. Parents may find some of those skills useful in the future. At this time I would like to present Mr. Collins who will open our Court of Honor this evening."


MR COLLINS: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby declare this court of honor open for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of Scouts in Troop 45. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hoge, would you please present the awards?"


[Ceremony takes place]


[Presentation takes place. At conclusion, Mr. Hoge asks Mr. Collins to close the Court of Honor.]


[Mr. Collins closes the ceremony]


SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. I would now like to turn the floor over to Mr. Hoge for his Scoutmaster’s Report.




SPL: “Thank you Mr. Hoge.


CLOSING (8:35)


SPL: “Please rise for our closing ceremony.

Scout Sign..... A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,...


SPL: Mr. Hoge, would you like to present a Scoutmaster’s Minute?


[Scoutmasters minute]


SPL: “Please join us in our Circle of Friendship"

Scouts and audience form circle and sing vespers

"And now may the great Scoutmaster, who watches over all Scouts, be with us until we meet again; and may we follow the trail that leads to Him. Scouts, Be Prepared.


SPL: “Everyone is invited to join us in the lobby for refreshments.