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  • Set up Chairs, front table, and podium
  • Power Point Setup
  • Color Guard Prep
  • Prepare to file in (no sitting before the opening)

    OPENING (7:15)


    WELCOME (7:20)

    SPL: "Good evening and..."

    ASPL: (One liner)

    SPL: "Right. As I was saying, thank you for joining us for parents night this evening. Now I would like to introduce Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."

    TCC: (Welcoming remarks)

    SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. I'm sure all of the parents here go through the same routine with their scouts. Get ready for the Troop Meeting; drive to the church; drop off; and then spend countless hours worrying about all of the horrible things your child is being put through once a week. Well, now that the FBI and the Office of the Special Prosecutor have completed their investigations, we can lift the veil of secrecy surrounding these mysterious meetings and through the medium of Parents Night, relieve or affirm the fears you've been harboring."

    (Twilight Zone theme music.) (SPL freezes)

    ASPL: "This is Carl, our Senior Patrol Leader. He believes that he is in charge. I am Michael, the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. (Smile broadly). So now we ask you to sit back, relax, and cross the border into... a Troop Meeting." (Looks pointedly at Carl, who comes back to life.)
    (Fade out music)


    SPL: "After the opening, we usually have announcements. Are there any announcements?"

    Russell: (Big Mountain Outing)

    Mr. Harper: (Summer Camp)

    Mr. Sekula: (FOS Presentation)


    SPL: "Next is Lost and Found, conducted by our Quartermaster, Nik Hamel."

    QM: (Conducts Lost and Found in the usual manner. Includes some items "lost" by parents.)


    SPL: "At this point in the meeting, we have reports on any outings or activities that have taken place since the previous meeting.

    (Peta raises hand)

    SPL: "Yes, Peta?

    Peta: (one liner)

    SPL: "Anyway, tonight's event reports will be a little longer than usual because we want to present reports on our activities since the last Parents Night. First up is

    Mt. Washington with Will Frost

    Scouting for Food with Aaron Gettinger

    Storrs Pond with Greg Brentrup

    Mt. Cardigan with Russell Richardson and Zack Greenberg

    Mt Ascutney with Peta Blake

    Fun in the Snow with John Mitchell


    SPL: "The next part of our meeting is Patrol Corners."

    (Will raises hand)

    SPL: "Yes Will?"

    Will: (riddle)

    SPL: "As I was saying, each week we have a patrol activity that helps us work as patrols helps teach new skills to the New Scouts. Tonight, the Buccaneer Patrol has Patrol Corners. The Patrol Leader is Matt Freeman.

    PL: (conducts patrol corners using parents as patrol members)


    SPL: "At this point in the meeting, we have our activity. Sometimes we work on advancement, sometimes we prepare for outings, and sometimes we do training. But since this is Parent's Night, we're going to let Mr. Brown give his Scoutmaster's Report."

    SM: "Thank you, Mr. Hoge..... (interrupted by Mr. Noel)

    Noel: "You know, you remind me of the man."

    Brown: "What man?"


    SM: (Scoutmaster's Report including remarks about

  • Camp Bell
  • Mt. Rainier
  • Recognitions)


    SPL: "Our Court of Honor tonight will be conducted by our Scoutmaster, Mr. Brown, and by the Chairman of the Board of Review, Mr. Thompson. Mr. Collins, would you pleas open our Court of Honor?"

    TCC: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America, I declare this Court of Honor open for the purpose of recognizing the achievements of the Scouts of Troop 45."

    SM: "Thank you Mr. Collins. "

    SM: "Before Mr. Collins closes the Court of Honor, I'd like to thank all the parents and committee members who have served on the monthly sessions of the Board of Review over the past six months."

    TCC: "I now declare this Court of Honor officially closed. Congratulations to all who have worked to earn the awards presented this evening."

    CLOSING (8:40)

    SPL: "No you haven't fallen asleep, and this is not a dream. You have just witnessed what it is the scouts of Troop 45, Hanover New Hampshire, many of whom are residents of the USA, do during their troop meetings. Now for a flash back to reality I'd like to turn this over Dr. Brown for the Scoutmaster's Minute."

    SM: (Scoutmaster's Minute)


    SPL: (benediction)