18 June 2003
Storrs Pond Area 5


Campfire Preparation --- Patrol
Color guard preparation - New Scout Patrol.


SPL:    (front and center, make Sign)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats."
(wait for guests to sit)
"Troop Formation."
(Troop files in and takes its place standing. ASPL Leading.)
"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the American flag."
"Troop, Attention. Color guard, post the colors"
(Color guard posts the colors)
"Scout Salute. I pledge allegiance..."
"Scout Sign. On my honor..."
"Color Guard, dismissed"
(Color guard retreats)


SPL: Good evening and welcome to our June parents night. Our first order of business this evening will be to light our campfire. At this time Mr. Hoge will conduct the evening inspection and select the Scout or Scouts who will light our campfire.

Best uniformed Scout(s) light campfire.

SPL: I would now like to introduce our Scoutmaster, Mr. Hoge.

SCOUTMASTER: Welcoming remarks: Busy schedule since last parents night. Outings, service projects, meetings. Accomplishments of new Scouts. Meeting will have two phases; first we'll do the court of honor and then we split up and allow the boys to do some Scoutcraft while the parents meet to discuss troop program. Then back together for closing and refreshments.

SCOUTMASTER: Discuss the organization of troop and election of SPL.... At this time I will ask Carl Hoge, one of our veteran Senior Patrol Leaders to conduct the election.


CARL: As you may realize, the Scout who serves as Senior Patrol Leader plays perhaps the most important role there is in the Troop. He runs the Troop meetings and, working with the Patrol Leaders and Scoutmasters, plans activities and assigns duties in order to make things happen. The SPL is nominated by another Scout and is elected by a majority vote of the Troop. The SPL must be at least First Class and must have been an active member of the Troop for at least two years. The SPL serves for a term of six to nine months. The SPL selects the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader with the approval of the Scoutmaster.

CARL: At this time we will accept nominations for the position of Senior Patrol Leader. Scouts who are nominated may either accept or decline the nomination. Take nominations.

CARL: At this time the nominations are closed. We will now allow the candidate(s) to make any remarks that they wish to make. Candidates make remarks.

CARL: We will now have the election. If there is only one nominee, we will still have a vote to be sure that a majority of the members of the Troop approve of the candidate as their Senior Patrol Leader. Conduct elections using the closed-eyes, raised-finger voting. Verify vote tally and winner with Scoutmaster.

CARL: This concludes the elections. I would like to congratulate ___________ on his election as Troop 45 Senior Patrol Leader. His inauguration will come at the end of this meeting. At this time, I would like to turn the meeting back over to the lame duck SPL.


SPL: "AFLAC!" At this time we will have our Court of Honor. I would like to introduce our Troop Advancement Chairman, Mr. Thompson, who will conduct the Court of Honor.

Mr. Thompson: By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I declare this court of honor to be open for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of Scouts of Troop 45.

  • Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hoge conduct Court of Honor.
  • Luke Kraus assists with pinning of Tenderfoot badges.
  • Present Luke with Troop Guide patch
  • Carolyn Fitzmaurice presents First Aid merit badges.
  • Mr. Hoge discusses and presents Quality Unit Awards.

    SCOUTMASTER: Thank you to Mr. Thompson for serving as advancement chairman and thanks to parents who have served on Boards of Review.

    Mr. Thompson: I hereby declare this Court of Honor to be closed and offer my congratulations to the Scouts who have been recognized tonight. I will now turn the meeting back over to the Senior Patrol Leader.

    ACTIVITIES (8:00 PM)

    SPL: Thank you Mr. Thompson. At this time we are going to move into the second phase of our meeting. Parents will remain here with Mr. Hoge while the Scouts will join the Assistant Scoutmasters for some orienteering exercises. Troop, dismissed.

    Scouts do compass work while Mr. Hoge talks with parents.


    SPL and Scoutmaster circulate through the group and ask everyone to move back to the campfire area.

    SCOUTMASTER: (After everyone is assembled) At this time we will have a brief ceremony during which we will transfer the position of SPL from the outgoing SPL to the new SPL. Brendan and _____, will you please join me here. I would like to ask Hidde, the most recent Scout to join the Troop, to retrieve the troop flag and present it to me. (Scoutmaster takes flag from Hidde and presents it to outgoing SPL who passes it to new SPL who returns it to Scoutmaster. Scoutmaster passes flag to Hidde for return to stand and then removes SPL patch from sleeve of outgoing SPL and presents it to incoming SPL.) Mr. SPL, would you please conduct the closing ceremony.

    SPL: "Scout Sign! A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, ....
    Mr. Hoge will now give the Scoutmaster's Minute."

    SCOUTMASTER: Scoutmaster's minute.

    SPL: "Please join us around the campfire for our circle of friendship. Softly falls the light of day...."

    SPL: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes our Troop meeting, please join us for refreshments. Scouts, before we leave, please help with the cleanup!"

    CLEAN-UP (8:40 PM)