19 June 2002
Storrs Pond Area 5


Campfire Preparation --- Patrol
Put up flag pole --- Patrol
Arrange cooking areas, light cooking fires, food preparation as needed.
Color guard preparation - New Scout Patrol.




SPL: Good evening and welcome to our June parents night. Our first order of business this evening will be to light our campfire. SOMETHING DRAMATIC TO LIGHT THE FIRE

SPL: I would now like to introduce our Scoutmaster, Mr. Hoge.

SCOUTMASTER: Welcoming remarks: Busy schedule since last parents night. Outings, service projects, meetings. Accomplishments of new Scouts. Meeting will have a formal and an informal phase. Court of honor, cooking and eating, closing, etc.


SPL: Thank you, Mr. Hoge. Now we will have some activity reports to describe some of the things we've been doing since the last parents night back in April. As you know, we have been having our meetings here at Storrs Pond since the beginning of May and we have been concentrating on Tenderfoot training for our new Scouts. We have also had the opportunity to do some canoeing on the pond, we have cooked a different food at each meeting, and we thanks to Mr. Hamel we are learning the fine art of fly fishing. We have also had a number of weekend events:


SPL: At this time we will have our Court of Honor. I would like to introduce our Troop Advancement Chairman, Mr. Thompson, who will conduct the Court of Honor.

Mr. Thompson: By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I declare this court of honor to be open for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of Scouts of Troop 45.

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Hoge conduct Court of Honor.

Mr. Thompson: I hereby declare this Court of Honor to be closed and offer my congratulations to the Scouts who have been recognized tonight. I will now turn the meeting back over to the Senior Patrol Leader.


SPL: Thank you Mr. Thompson. At this time we are going to move into the informal part of our meeting during which the Scouts will prepare a sampling of some of the great food we've enjoyed at our meetings over the last few weeks and some of the food we take on hikes and camping trips. Mr. Hoge will give you a preview of our feast while the Scouts complete the preparations. Troop, dismissed.

Scouts return to food preparation area while Mr. Hoge talks with parents. After Mr. Hoge's introduction, parents will circulate through the various food preparation areas, observe the cooking and sample the results.


Camp fare: Ramen Noodles, New Scout Patrol.
Dutch oven: Chili-Mac, Buccaneer Patrol - Carl
Dutch oven: Drop biscuits - _____
Campfire: Baked potatoes and steak on a rock - Christian
Dutch oven dessert: Peach cobbler - Luke
Dutch oven dessert: Chocolate cake - ____


SPL and Scoutmaster circulate through the group and ask everyone to move back to the campfire area.

SPL: (After everyone is assembled) "Scout Sign! On my honor, I will do my best...
Mr. Hoge will now give the Scoutmaster's Minute."

SCOUTMASTER: Scoutmaster's minute.

SPL: "Please join us around the campfire for our circle of friendship. Softly falls the light of day...."

CLEAN-UP (8:40 PM)