TROOP 45 PARENTS NIGHT     27 Jun 01

(Storrs Pond Area 5)


  • Campfire Prep (Mr. Hoge and pyro crew)
  • Color Guard and Flagpole Prep (Bugler)
  • Direct guests to area to set up their seats
  • Brief New Scouts on the Induction Ceremony (Mr. Brown, ASPL, New Scout PL)
  • Troop forms up at edge of field

    OPENING (7:15)


    WELCOME (7:20)

    SPL:    "Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us for our summer parents night. The first thing we need to do to get started is to get our campfire lit. Now last June, as some of you will remember, we had quite a bit of trouble getting the fire going. So this year, we've decided to take a simpler approach." (Fire springs to life.)

    SPL:    "I would now like to introduce Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."

    TCC:    (Welcoming remarks)


    SPL:    "Thank you Mr. Collins. Our last Parents Night was only two months ago, but since then we've accomplished a great deal, and we have made plans for an active summer. Several scouts have presentations reviewing these activities."


    (Upon completion of the last activity presentation, the ASPL gathers the New Scouts extreme stage right (towards the field)).

    (SM and SPL front and center; Bugler stage left with neckerchiefs)

    SPL:    "This past spring, six Webelos Scouts crossed over from Pack 45 and joined Troop 45 to form our New Scout Patrol. In addition, they have invited another boy to join them. These scouts have now completed our new scout training program and tonight we formally welcome to the troop. Mr. Logan, please present the New Scouts."

    (ASPL brings new scouts before the fire and aligns them in front of the SPL and ASPL. ASPL stands stage right (opposite Bugler).)

    ASPL:    "Mr. Brown, these boys have met the requirements for membership in the Boy Scouts of America and wish to join Troop 45."

    SM:    "Thank you Mr. Logan. Mr. Richardson, please administer the Scout Oath and give the Scout Law."

    (SPL walks to stage right to join ASPL; SM walks to stage left to join the Bugler.)

    SPL:    (make sign) "Scout Sign.... On my honor...."

    SPL:    "In joining with us as Scouts you have pledged to live by the Scout Law. The Troop Bugler will now give the Twelve Points of the Scout Law."

    Bugler:    "A Scout is Trustworthy." (Assistant echoes with description from rear of audience.)

    (all twelve points)

    SM:    "You have taken the Scout Oath and you have heard the Scout Law. I congratulate you on choosing to join us and I welcome you to Troop 45 and to the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts. I charge each of you to commit yourself to the ideals of scouting and to bring Scout Spirit to all you do."

    (The Bugler, SPL and ASPL now confer a neckerchief on each new scout. Bugler crosses in front of the line of new scouts with a stack of neckerchiefs; ASPL takes one and places it on the new scout; SPL offers Scout handshake. The move down the line from scout to scout. On completion, they stand to stage left with the SM.)

    SPL:    "Patrol Leaders, call your scouts."

    Buccaneer PL (rises):    "The Buccaneer Patrol calls __________ and __________." (join patrol)

    Dragon PL (rises):    "The Dragon Patrol calls __________ and _________." (join patrol)

    Charlie PL (rises):    "The Charlie Patrol calls __________ and __________." (join patrol)

    (All sit except SPL)


    SPL:    "I'd now like to introduce our Scoutmaster, Mr. Brown, for his Scoutmaster's report."

    SM:    (Scoutmaster's Report)

    COURT OF HONOR (8:20)

    SPL:    "Our Court of Honor tonight will be conducted by our Scoutmaster, Mr. Brown, and by the Chairman of the Board of Review, Mr. Thompson. Mr. Collins, would you please open our Court of Honor?"

    TCC:    "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America, I declare this Court of Honor open for the purpose of recognizing the achievements of the Scouts of Troop 45."

    SM:    "Thank you Mr. Collins. "

    SM:    "Before Mr. Collins closes the Court of Honor, I'd like to thank all the parents and committee members who have served on the monthly sessions of the Board of Review."

    TCC:    "I now declare this Court of Honor officially closed. Congratulations to all who have worked to earn the awards presented this evening."

    (TCC and SM remain standing)


    (Handled by TCC and SM)

    CLOSING (8:40)

    SPL:    "Before we close, I'd like to introduce our new scoutmaster for the Scoutmaster's Minute."

    SM:    (Scoutmaster's Minute)


    SPL:    (benediction)