Troop 45
Parents' Night and Crossover

7:00 PM, 7 January 2004
Richard W. Black Community Center


Set up tables in lobby for refreshments, front table, and podium
PowerPoint and video Setup
Color Guard Prep
Prepare to file in (no sitting before the opening, ASPL in charge at rear of hall; Oli and Christian lead two ranks of Scouts down center aisle; Andrew follows.)

OPENING (7:15)

SPL (Luke):
(front and center, make Sign)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats."
(wait for parents to sit)
"Troop Formation."
(Troop files in and takes its place standing. ASPL Leading.)
"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the American flag."
"Troop, Attention. Color guard, post the colors"
(Color guard posts the colors)
"Scout Salute. I pledge..."
"Scout Sign. On my honor..."
"Color Guard, dismissed
(Color guard retreats)
"Please be seated"

WELCOME (7:20)

SPL: "Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us for our Parents Night. To begin our program tonight, I would like to introduce our Troop Committee Chairman, Mr. Collins."

Mr. Collins: (Welcoming remarks)


SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. At the beginning of our meetings we usually have announcements and tonight we have several.

"Oli Simpson has an announcement concerning our next two meetings" (Marksmanship orientation next week and meeting on 21 Jan at shooting range)

"Oli also has an announcement concerning a downhill ski trip" (Sunday January 11th to Okemo)

"Christian Olsen has an announcement concerning a winter camping trip" (January 17-18 to Orange Cove near Mt. Cardigan)

"Paul Fitzmaurice has an announcement about a service project that we are going to do." (Collection of shoes and socks for children in an orphanage in Afganistan)

SPL: "I would like to announce to the Scouts that we will soon be having elections for a new SPL. My term of office is coming to a close. To run for SPL you must be at least First Class. The election will be held at a Wednesday meeting later this month. If you are interested in running for SPL, you may want to talk to me or to Mr. Hoge.

"Are there any more announcements?" Watch for any. "If there are no further announcements, we'll proceed to the next part of the program."


Projector comes on with title slide in outing report presentation

SPL: "Lead in remarks to outing report slide show. (last parents night was in June and we've been busy since then. Outings every month except December. "

Slide changes to list of all outings since June.

"As this slide shows, we've had quite a busy six months since our last Parents Night. We don't have enough time tonight to go through reports on all of these outings but we have a some pictures from some of these outings that we'd like to share with you. Actually, there are quite a few pictures so we're going to have to keep moving. Oli, Christian, Andrew, Paul and Michael will be narrating the show, so I'd like them to come forward and we'll get the show on the road!"

Oli, Christian, Andrew, Paul and Michael come forward. Slides begin to advance and they begin to talk.

SPL: "Thank you for those presentations."


SPL: "At this time I would like to introduce Andrew Postupack again who will tell us about our plans for summer camp this year."

Andrew: "Every summer, Troop 45 goes to summer camp. For the past four years we have gone to Camp Bell, one of the two camps operated by the Daniel Webster Council. I can honestly say that just about every Scout I know who has gone to camp has had a great time. However, after our trip to Camp Bell this year, we decided that next summer we would like to try something a little different. So, we have decided that rather than going to Camp Bell, we will go to Hidden Valley, the other camp operated by the Council. The dates for camp are Sunday July 18th through Saturday July 24th. Last year we had 16 Scouts in our contingent and we're hoping for more this year. Because most of us have never been to Hidden Valley, I would like to show a short video to give you an idea what its like. This video also has a section on Camp Bell so you can see some of the similarities and differences between the two camps. Also, watch for the descriptions of the Valley Voyager, COPE and Trail to Eagle programs; some of the older Scouts may want to consider taking advantage of those programs. Please start the video."

10 minute camp promotion video.

Andrew: "Does anyone have any questions concerning camp?

Answer any questions with help from Mr. Hoge.

Andrew: "If there are no further questions, remember the dates, 18-24 July. Sign-ups will start in February!"

SPL: "Thank you Andrew. At this time I would like to introduce our Scoutmaster, Mr. Hoge, who will give his Scoutmaster's report."


Scoutmaster's report on:


SPL: "At this time I would like to introduce Mr. Collins who will open our Court of Honor this evening."

Mr COLLINS: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby declare this court of honor open for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of Scouts in Pack 45 and Troop 45. The Court of Honor will be conducted by Mr Hoge and by Mr. Thompson, the Chairman of the Board of Review."

Court of Honor

Scoutmaster: "Before I ask Mr. Collins to close this court of honor, I would like to thank Mr. Thompson for his continuing work as our advancement chairman and also thank the many Parents who have given their time to serve on Boards of Review."

Mr. Collins: "I now declare this court of honor closed and offer my congratulations to the Scouts that we have recognized this evening.


SPL: "At this time, the Scouts will move upstairs to our regular meeting room for a game. Parents are asked to remain here for the Friends of Scouting presentation."

SPL leads Scouts out of the gym and upstairs for game.

SCOUTMASTER: "At this time, I would like to introduce _______________ who would like to make a brief presentation to us on the subject of Friends of Scouting."

FOS Presenter makes presentation.

CLOSING (8:35)

Troop returns from upstairs.

SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. At this time I would like to ask Mr. Hoge to present the Scoutmasters Minute.

Scoutmasters minute.

SPL: " Please rise for our closing ceremony.
Scout Sign..... A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,...
Please join us in our Circle of Friendship"

Scouts and audience form circle and sing vespers
"And now may the great Scoutmaster, who watches over all Scouts, be with us until we meet again; and may we follow the trail that leads to Him. Scouts, Be Prepared.
Everyone is invited to join us in the back of the room for refreshments.