Troop 45 and Pack 45
Parents' Night and Crossover

7:00 PM, 24 April 2002
CRREL Auditorium


Set up tables in lobby for refreshments, front table, and podium
Power Point Setup
Color Guard Prep (Luke, Robert, Paul & Christian)
Prepare to file in (no sitting before the opening, ASPL in charge at rear of hall)

OPENING (7:15)

SPL (Greg):

(front and center, make Sign)
"Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats."
(wait for parents to sit)
"Troop Formation."
(Troop files in and takes its place standing. ASPL Leading.)
"Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the American flag."
"Troop, Attention. Color guard, post the colors"
(Color guard posts the colors)
"Scout Salute. I pledge..."

"Scout Sign. On my honor..."

"Color Guard, dismissed
(Color guard retreats)
"Please be seated"

WELCOME (7:20)

SPL: "Good evening, everyone. Thank you for joining us for this unique joint meeting of Troop 45 and Pack 45 this evening. To begin our program tonight, I would like to introduce our Troop Committee Chairman and Pack Institutional Representative, Mr. Collins."

Mr. Collins: (Welcoming remarks)


SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. At the beginning of our meetings we usually have announcements and tonight we have several.

I would like to remind the members of Troop 45, and the second year Webelos who will be joining the Troop this evening about two events.

First, on May 25th and 26th we are planning a trip to Battleship Cove in Massachusetts. On this trip, we will tour a World War II battleship, a destroyer, a submarine and a lot of other interesting exhibits. We will sleep overnight on one of the ships. If you have not already signed up, please do so as soon as possible. Sign up sheets are available on the Troop web site or from Mr. Young or Mr. Hoge.

Second, everyone should have received a letter about Summer Camp. We are going back to Camp Bell again this year. Our camp dates are July 21st through July 27th. We need to have everyone sign up for Summer Camp not later than May 8th. If you have questions, contact Mrs. Richardson.

At this point, I believe we have an announcement concerning an upcoming event in the Cub Scout Pack. Mr. Mellert, would you care to make an annoucement?"

Mr. Mellert announcement concerning upcoming Cub Scout events.

"Thank you Mr. Mellert. Are there any more announcements?" Watch for any. "If there are no further announcements, we'll proceed to the next part of the program."


SPL: "Usually at this point in the program, we have a presentation on things we've been doing since the previous Parents Night. Tonight, however, since we have the Cub Scout Pack with us, we've reached further back into our photo archives and developed a presentation that includes selected Troop outings that have occurred over the last five or six years. At this time I would like to introduce Michael and Chris who will give this presentation."

Scouts present Troop program scrapbook on the web.


SPL: "Thank you Michael and Chris. At this time I would like to introduce Mr. Collins who will open the first part of our Court of Honor this evening."

MR COLLINS: "By the authority vested in me by the Daniel Webster Council of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby declare this court of honor open for the purpose of recognizing the accomplishments of Scouts in Pack 45 and Troop 45."

SPL: "At this time Mr. Campbell will present awards to the Cub Scouts of Pack 45."

Mr. Campbell presents awards to Cub Scouts including Arrow of Light awards to 2nd year Webelos who have earned it. 2nd year Webelos awards are last. Parents should be invited to come forward along with Cubs.

At the conclusion of presentation of awards to Webelos, Mr. Campbell says: "At this time, please accompany your Den Chief, Scout Luke Krause to the back of the room. Parents please remain up here for a few more minutes." Webelos Scouts follow Luke out to the lobby. At the same time, five additional Scout escorts (Carl, Steve, Michael, _______ and ________) move to the lobby.

Mr. Campbell then takes a few minutes to thank Mrs. Balch for her service as a Den Leader and presents her with an award from the Pack. Following that, Mr Campbell and the Webelos parents move to the far left (audience's right) side of the stage and wait.

SPL, ASPL and Scoutmaster stand and move to the far right side (audience left) of the stage.

SPL: "At this time, we will conduct the Crossover Ceremony. "

SPL: "Troop 45 calls Webelos Scout Michael B.

A scout at the rear of the auditorium opens the door to the lobby, calls the Scout and his escort. Once they are in the auditorium, he closes the door again. The Webelos Scout and his escort proceed down the far side of the auditorium where they are met by Mr. Campbell and the Scout's parents.

Mr. Campbell: "Michael, you have contributed much to your Cub Scout Den and Pack and we shall miss you and your parents. Now you are leaving us to enter Troop 45. There, we are sure, you will continue to grow in Scouting skills and friendships. Now, go forward into the adventure of Boy Scouts. Your parents will follow you."

Escort takes Webelos Scout across the stage where he is met by the SPL and ASPL who shake hands, remove blue epaulettes, put on red epaulettes and issue Troop neckerchief. Scoutmaster greets parents and greets new Scout after epaulettes are installed.

SPL: "Troop 45 calls Webelos Scout Jason B."

The entry and crossover process repeats.

SPL: "Troop 45 calls Webelos Scout Paul F."

The entry and crossover process repeats.

SPL: "Troop 45 calls Webelos Scout Axel H."

The entry and crossover process repeats.

SPL: "Troop 45 calls Webelos Scout Peter K."

The entry and crossover process repeats.

At the conclusion of the welcoming of the last Webelos, the Scoutmaster announces: "Ladies and gentlemen it gives me great honor to present to you the Troop 45's New Scouts for the year 2002."

SPL: (Put up sign and wait for quiet)"At this time all the Scouts of Troop 45 and Pack 45 will please exit through the door at the REAR of the auditorium."

Mr. Young and Mr. Scavone take Scouts on a brief tour of the Ice Engineering Test Basin.


SCOUTMASTER: "At this time, I would like to introduce Ruth and David Russell who would like to make a brief presentation to us on the subject of Friends of Scouting."

FOS Presenter makes presentation.


Note: This can be shortened or eliminated if time is running out.

Troop and Pack return from the outside game.

SPL: (Put up sign and wait for quiet)"At this time I would like to introduce our Mr. Hoge who will present the Scoutmaster's report."

Scoutmaster's report on trip to Colorado etc.


SPL: "At this time we will continue with the Court of Honor as we recognize the accomplishments of members of the Troop. The Court of Honor will be conducted by Mr Hoge and by Mr. Thompson, the Chairman of the Board of Review."

Court of Honor
Rank Advancements
Merit Badges Popcorn Awards

Presentation of new leadership and Troop Officer patches.

Presentation of Quality Unit Award. Scoutmaster makes brief remarks about the meaning of the quality unit award and asks outgoing SPL, Steve L to assist with installation of flag streamer. Scoutmaster presents streamer to current SPL. Steve retrieves Troop flag and lowers it so that Greg can install the streamer. Scoutmaster presents Quality Unit Patches to SPL for distribution to Patrol Leaders.

Scoutmaster introduces Mr. Jack Hunter to present religious award.

Scoutmaster: "Thank you Mr. Hunter. Before I ask Mr. Collins to close this court of honor, I would like to thank Mr. Thompson for his continuing work as our advancement chairman and also thank the many Parents who have given their time to serve on Boards of Review."

Mr. Collins: "I now declare this court of honor closed and offer my congratulations to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts that we have recognized this evening. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to the new Scouts and parents who have joined the Troop this evening.

CLOSING (8:35)

SPL: "Thank you Mr. Collins. At this time I would like to ask Mr. Hoge to present the Scoutmasters Minute.

Scoutmasters minute.

SPL: " Please rise for our closing ceremony.
Scout Sign..... A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,...
Please join us in our Circle of Friendship"

Scouts and audience form circle and sing vespers
"And now may the great Scoutmaster, who watches over all Scouts, be with us until we meet again; and may we follow the trail that leads to Him. Scouts, Be Prepared.
Everyone is invited to join us in the lobby for refreshments.