Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Mar 2012

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Call to Order

Convened at 1915, 5 Mar 2012 , Erik Bidstrup presiding.


Erik, Devin, Jack, Adam, Stefan, Mr Mendelsohn, Mr Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from February were approved as corrected.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
  • Teddy and David have Eagle projects coming up.
  • We discussed the need for a new chairman of the committee.

    AdHoc Committees

  • Klondike Derby. Devin reported that the Klondike Derby was successful, and that we should go next year, but be better prepared. The committee was discharged.
  • Nunnemacher Cabin. Scout Ski Day is 10 March. Nunnemacher is not available.
  • Downhill Ski. It didn't happen.

    Old Business

  • Ski Trip. This business is concluded.
  • Klondike Derby. This business is concluded.
  • Nunnemacher cabin. We discussed the situation that the cabin is not available, although a day of free skiing is still available if we plan to go. A motion was passed that we scrub this outing.
  • Elections. We still need ASPL and other officers. We decided that we should advertise the need in the troop meeting. In particular we need to constitute the service committee.

    New Business

  • Officers. We still need to selecty officers. A motion was passed that Erik would present the case at the troop meeting and urge Scouts to volunteer.
  • Service Committee. We will bring this up in the troop meeting.
  • Parents Night. We discussed the need for a parents night program. Devin volunteered to do a slide show, but he needs pictures. A motion passed that Devin would do a slide show. He will ask for picture contributions at the meeting.
  • April Program. The troop voted to do Rock Climbing in April. A motion passed that we would hold the outing 28 Apr. Because we had low attendance at the PLC, we decided to bring before the troop the question of indoor versus outdoor, and pick a planner at the meeting.
  • Spring Camporee. We discussed the camporee. A motion passed that we would attend the camporee 4-6 May. It is being held at Lempster Mountain.
  • Roundup. We will be gaining only one new Scout by crossover this year, so we will be having a Roundup on Friday, 27 Apr. We decided to bring this issue up in the troop meeting and work on a strategy for individual recruiting in the middle school. In particular, we want to get on the assembly program, and post posters at the school.

    Calendar Review


    14 MarIce Axe and CramponsTeddy
    21 MarParents NightSPL
    28 MarMusicErik
    14 AprRadioFritz
    27 AprRoundupSPL
    28 AprRock ClimbingTBD

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Christopher: Rock climbing decisions
  • Erik: Troop leadership positions
  • Devin: Slide Show
  • Mr Brown: Prizes
  • Teddy: Ice Axe and Crampons program 14 Mar
  • Erik: Music program 28 Mar
  • Fritz: Radio program 14 Apr


    Adjourned at ~2015

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