Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Jan 2012

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Call to Order

Convened at 1905, 2 Jan 2012 , Fritz Wallace presiding.


Jake, Devin, Stefan, Nick, Erik, Fritz, George, Teddy, Adam, Mr Mendelsohn, Mr Licht, Mr Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from December were approved as corrected.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
  • The letter from the Listen Center still needs to be read at the troop meeting.
  • Jake reports that Toys for Tots was successful and that lots of toys were collected.

    AdHoc Committees

  • Winter Shakedown. Erik reported that the Winter Shakedown to Holt's Ledge was successful. There was snow; it was cold; we had a fire. We should do it again.
  • Klondike Derby. The date has been postoponed to 11 Feb. Jake is working on a plan. Robin has agreed to help.
  • XC Ski Outing. Stefan has no report. There's no snow.
  • Nunnemacher Cabin. Teddy had no report.

    Old Business

  • Uniforms. A motion was passed to award the best inspection prizes to the winning patrol at the meeting of 25 Jan.
  • Opening Ceremony. We discussed the need for a punctual start to the troop meeting and a dignified opening ceremony. A motion was passed that the color guard practice during the preopening.
  • Listen Center Letter. The scribe will read the letter at the next troop meeting.
  • Elections. A motion was passed that elections would be held this week at the troop meeting.
  • Toys for Tots. This business is concluded.
  • XC Ski. No business conducted.
  • Klondike Derby. A motion was passed to go on the outing at the newly scheduled date of 11 Feb.

    New Business

  • Fritz's Eagle Project. Fritz asks for support for his project to take place 7 and 14 Jan.
  • A motion was passed that we would go skating at Etna Fire House during the meeting of 11 Jan, since there was no ice at the previously scheduled time.
  • A motion was passed that we would go on a ski trip, probably to Mt Sunapee, on 26 Feb. Christopher to plan the outing.

    Calendar Review


    4 JanElectionsSPL
    11 JanSkatingSPL
    28-29 JanXC SkiStefan
    7 JanEagle ProjFritz
    11 FebKlondike DerbyJake, Robin
    26 FebSki TripChristopher

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Jake and Robin: Klondike
  • Teddy: Nunnemacher
  • Mr Brown: Prizes
  • Stefan: XC Ski Trip
  • Christopher: Ski Trip


    Adjourned at 2003

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