Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Aug 2010

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Call to Order

Convened at 1915 3Aug10, Fletcher Passow, acting SPL.


Fletcher Passow (acting SPL), Matt Geason, Dr. Brown, Mr. Passow

Review of Minutes from Last Month

There were no minutes available from last month. We will work from decisions made at the Mini-Program Planning Conference held 30 Jun.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
No report. We briefly discussed the need to revive this committee.

AdHoc Committees

  • None

    Old Business

  • Survival Hike. Matt agreed to be planning chairman. The outing will be held Saturday 4 Sep.
  • Fishing at Grafton Pond. We discussed at some length the coordination of the two outings outlined at the mini program planning conference, but decided that Chris Stocken's proposed bike hike would be better for the fall. We decided to postpone fishing until spring.
  • Bike Hike. This outing was proposed by Chris Stocken at the mini program planning conference. We reviewed the plan he had submitted to Mr. Brown, and decided that we want to go on the Bike Hike in October, but make it two days rather than three by eliminating the first night at Storrs Pond. We selected the weekend of 2-3 October since that date was roughly a month from the previous outing and the weather could be very nice for biking. Chris Stocken is appointed planning chairman.

    New Business

  • Fletcher brought up the problem of low attendance. We didn't have any very good ideas other than to keep trying to run a quality program and hope that more Scouts would be available to participate after school started. Fletcher suggested that a reduction to two patrols would be a help. Mr. Brown responded that patrol structure was not within the purview of the PLC, but he appreciated the advice (and pretty much agreed) and would take it under advisement. He commented that he wanted to see what we had in September and October before taking action.
  • August and September Programs. The mini program planning conference did not carry over into August, so we discussed the types of troop meeting programs that we wanted for our remaining time at Storrs Pond. Since the attendees at the PLC had missed some of the July meetings, they thought it would be worthwhile to elaborate some of the programs we had in July, specifically Fire Building and Land Navigation. Fletcher also proposed Swimming, "Egg Delivery" (an engineering topic), and Raft Building. Mr. Brown agreed to arrange for elaborations of fire building and more advanced land navigation, both in anticipation of the survival hike outing. Mr. Passow agreed to help prepare these activities.

    Calendar Review


    4 SepSurvival HikeMatt Geason
    2-3 OctBike HikeChris Stocken

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Matt Geason: Survival Hike.
  • Chris Stocken: Bike Hike.
  • Mr. Brown, Mr. Passow: Troop meeting activities.


    Adjourned at 1940

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