Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Feb 06

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Call to Order

Convened at 1916 6 Feb 06.


Nik (Scribe), Jason, Will, Nick, Paul T, Mr. Smith (SM), Mr. Hoge

Review of Minutes from Last Month

  • Minutes from January were approved with corrections.

    Committee Reports

    Standing Committees

    Service Committee
  • No Report
    Server Committee
  • No Report.

    Ad Hoc Committees

  • Storrs Pond Campout?
  • Paul T reported that the Aviation outing for the spring was still in planning.
  • No Rifle Shooting report (Robin absent).
  • The Klondike Derby was a success with 16 scouts attending. The committee was discharged.
  • The snowshoe outing had to be postponed due to the date conflict with the Eagle Court of Honor.

    Old Business

  • Rifle shooting (Robin). No discussion.
  • Camel's Hump (Oli) No discussion.
  • Aviation (Paul). No discussion.

    New Business

  • Nick proposed a motion that we improve discipline by ending the practice of the "Applause Meter" and instead institute Jason as the Candy King to provide rewards for good discipline. The motion carried.
  • Jason moved to hold the troop meeting of 15 Feb at the CCBA swimming pool. The motion carried.
  • Jason moved to have the troop attend Scout Ski Day at the skiway and camp that weekend at Nunnemacher Cabin. He will chair the planning committee. The motion carried.

    Calendar Review


    15 FebTroop Mtg at CCBAMr. Smith
    3-5 MarNunnemacher CabinJason
    ??Rifle ShootingRobin
    ??SnowshoeingDavid D
    ??Ice axe trainingOli
    ??Camel's HumpOli

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Jason: Plan Nunnemacher Cabin and Ski Day
  • Paul: Plan Aviation outing
  • Oli: Plan Camel's Hump and ice axe training
  • Robin: Plan Shooting outing
  • David D: Plan Snowshoe Outing


    Adjourned at 2018

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