Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Jan 06

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Call to Order

Convened at 1914 2 Jan 06.


Oli (ASPL), Nik (Scribe), Will, Nick, Ari, Paul T, David, Robin, Mr. Smith (SM), Mr. Simpson

Review of Minutes from Last Month

  • Minutes from December were approved as read.

    Committee Reports

    Standing Committees

    Service Committee
  • No Report
    Server Committee
  • Nick that the committee had not been active.

    Ad Hoc Committees

  • Paul T reported that the Aviation outing for the spring was still in planning.
  • Robin reported that the Rifle Shooting outing was in planning.
  • Nick reported on the D&D outing and the committee was discharged.
  • Oli reported success on the Cross Country Skiing outing. The committee was discharged.
  • The holiday party was generally agreed to have been successful.

    Old Business

  • Robin proposed that the shooting outing take place on 21 Jan. The motion carried.

    New Business

  • Nick proposed a winter campout at Storrs Pond 28-29 Jan. The motion carried.
  • Oli proposed that the Camel's Hump outing he has been planning take place 11 Feb. The motion carried.
  • David D proposed a challenging snowshoe outing on 5 Feb. The motion carried and he was appointed chairman.
  • Ari moved that the troop should attend the Klondike Derby on 7 Jan. The motion carried.

    Calendar Review


    7 JanKlondike DerbyAri
    9 JanSummer Expedition Kickoff MeetingPaul T
    21JanRifle ShootingRobin
    28-29JanStorrs Pond CampoutNick
    5 FebSnowshoeingDavid D
    11 FebCamel's HumpOli

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Ari: Klondike
  • Paul: Plan Aviation outing
  • Oli: Plan Camel's Hump
  • Robin: Plan Shooting outing
  • Nick: Plan Storrs Pond
  • David D: Plan Snowshoe Outing


    Adjourned at 2007

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