Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Nov 05

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Call to Order

Convened at 1915 7 Nov 05.


Hidde (SPL), Nik (Scribe), Oli, Nick, Jason, Paul T, David, Robin, Mr. Smith (SM), Dr. Brown, MR. Simpson

Review of Minutes from Last Month

  • Minutes from October were approved as read.

    Committee Reports

    Standing Committees

    Service Committee
  • Jason reported that Scouting for Food was coming up.
    Server Committee
  • NIck Reported that he had been elected chairman, and that the committee wished to pursue a calendar program for the troop website.

    Ad Hoc Committees

  • Long Trail-Camel's Hump. Oli reported that the planned trip was rained out. He intends to reschedule, but not anytime soon.
  • Rock Climbing. Robin reported a successful outing to Winslow Ledges. The committee was discharged.
  • Parents Night Skits. Robin reported that he found skits and that some of them were performed at Parents Night. The committee was discharged.
  • Moose Mt Hike. Hidde reported that it was a very "jolly" outing with a large attendance of 16 scouts. The committee was discharged.
  • JOTA. Paul T reported that the event was successful, although rain forced it inside. This year was more hands-on, and the cookies were good. The committee was discharged.

    Old Business

  • Oli proposed a motion to continue to plan for a hike on the long trail to Camel's hump. The motion carried.

    New Business

  • Paul T moved to follow the APP and invite Mrs. Fitzmaurice to conduct first aid training at the troop meetings in November. The motion passed. Mr. Smith pointed out that we would need to have a more "layered" approach to keep everyone busy.
  • Paul T moved to hold an Aviation outing in the spring. The motion carried. Paul T was appointed chairman of the planning committee.
  • Robin proposed a motion to set up a shooting outing. Mr. Simpson advised that he could set up range access on a weekend in December or January. The motion carried. Robin was appointed chairman of the planning committee.
  • Nick moved to plan a D&D night. The motion passed.
  • As chairman of the Service Committee, Jason moved that we participate in Scouting for Food. The motion carried.
  • Oli moved that we have a snow-cave and XC ski outing on 17 December. The motion carried. Oli was appointed chairman of the planning committee.
  • Paul T moved that if there is no formal plan prepared one week before a scheduled outing, the outing will be cancelled. The motion passed.

    Calendar Review


    NovFirst AidJason
    12 NovScouting for Food Phase IJason
    19 NovScouting for Food Phase IIJason
    17 Dec Snow Caves & XC SkiOli

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Jason: Contact Mrs. F
  • Paul: Plan Aviation outing
  • Oli: Plan Camel's Hump
  • Oli: Plan Ski/Snowcaves outing
  • Robin: Plan Shooting outing
  • Nick: Plan D&D Night


    Adjourned at 2030

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