Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Jan 05

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Call to Order

Convened at 1920 3 Jan 05.


Paul F (SPL), Paul T (Scribe), Jason, Nik, David, Dr. Brown, Mr. Hoge, Luke, Oli, Hidde, Mr. Smith, Mr. Young, Michael

Review of Minutes from Last Month

  • Minutes from December were approved as read.

    Committee Reports

    Standing Committees

    Service Committee
  • Jason reported that Toys for Tots was successful
    Server Committee
  • Paul T reported that the committee is trying to get meeting plans in place.

    Ad Hoc Committees

  • Nik reported that he was still working on a plan for the X-C ski trip.
  • Oli reported that Scout free ski day at the Skiway is on 5 March 2005
  • Oli reported that the snow cave outing for 8-9 Jan was planned, but lack of snow made it possible that we would need to be flexible.

    Old Business

  • There was no Old Business.

    New Business

  • Summer trip meeting scheduled for 17 Jan.
  • Motion by Michael to plan a snowmobiling outing 12 or 13 February. Motion Passed. Planning Committee: Michael
  • Oli moved to hold the 9 Feb troop meeting at the Lebanon Opera House to attend the Banff Film Festival, a festival of films on hiking and climbing. Planning Committee: Oli.
  • Motion to have service committee find way to donate money for tsunami relief. Committee: Jason. Committee will report on the 5 Jan.
  • Oli moved to hold the Nunnemacher Cabin outing and ski trip the weekend of 5 Mar. Motion passed. Planning Committee: Oli

    Calendar Review


    8-9 JanSnow CavesOli
    17 JanSummer Adventure Planning MeetingPaul T
    January Tsunami relief service project Jason
    Feb 5 Cross Country Ski tripNik
    9 FebBanff Film Festival Oli
    12-13 FebSnowmobilingMichael
    5-6 Mar Nunnemacher Cabin ski tripOli

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Paul T: Hold planning meeting for Summer Adventure
  • Nik: Continue planning XC ski trip
  • Michael: Plan snowmobiling outing
  • Oli: Plan Lebanon Opera House movie night
  • Oli: Finish planning snow cave campout
  • Service committee (Jason): Find out way to send money for tsunami relief
  • Oli: Plan Nunnemacher ski cabin trip


    Adjourned at 2015

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