Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Sep 2004

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Call to Order

Convened at 1910, 6Sep04, Christian presiding.


Paul T, Steve D, Oli, Hidde, Mr. Smith, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Hoge, Mr. Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from August approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
No Report
Server Committee
Steve spoke to Ari about joining the committee.

AdHoc Committees

  • Canoe Trip. The trip did not happen. Our reservations at Mollidgewock are being held until we use them.
  • Roundup. The Roundup brought us two attendees.
  • Webelos Hike. No Report.
  • Mt. Hike. Steve is working on it.
  • Rock Climbing. No Report.

    Old Business

  • Server Committee. Steve will ask Ari or Paul T to chair the committee. He will also announce the reformation of the committee at the troop meeting.
  • Canoe Trip. After some discussion of why this outing failed, we reached a consensus to try again on the weekend of 9-10 Oct. Christian and Hidde will plan the outing. Hidde will make the announcement at the troop meeting.
  • Mountain Trip. This will be an all levels outing. Steve will plan.
  • Webelos Outing will be Sun, 12 Oct. The scouts will meet at the CoOp parking lot at 0900 to plan the details; the Webelos scouts will arrive at 1000. Paul F will plan the event.
  • Rock Climbing. Scheduled for 2 Oct. Paul F will plan.
  • Elections. Christian to conduct the election.

    New Business

  • Scouting for Food. Christian will recruit service committee members to conduct this operation.
  • Venture Patrol. Mr Smith as authorized the formation of a Venture Patrol. Christian will take charge of recruiting older scouts and getting the process started. Mr. Brown will advise.
  • Hunter Safety Course. Mr. Simpson is working on creating an opportunity for scouts to participate in the NH Hunter Safety Course.
  • First Aid Month. We will dedicate November to Emergency Prep MB and First Aid MB. Mrs. Fitzmaurice will conduct training and counsel the merit badges.
  • JOTA (Jamboree on the Air). This event is 16-17 Oct. Paul T will organize participation. He will attempt to recruit Mr. Gick to help and to provide a station--probably W1ET at the college.
  • Bike Hike. We want to take a bike hike 6 Nov. Andrew will plan.

    Calendar Review


    18-19 SepMountain TripSteve
    2 OctRock ClimbingPaul F
    9-10 OctCanoe TripHidde
    16-17 OctJOTAPaul T
    6 NovBike HikeAndrew

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Steve: Announce Server Committee.
  • Hidde, Christian: Plan Canoe Trip.
  • Steve: Plan Mountain Trip.
  • Paul F: Plan Webelos Outing.
  • Christian: Conduct Elections
  • Christian: Scouting for Food.
  • Paul T: JOTA
  • Andrew: Bike Hike


    Adjourned at 2010

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