Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Aug 2004

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Call to Order

Convened at 1912 3Aug04, Steve Desaulniers presiding.


Chris Jayne, Oli Simpson, Paul Fitzmaurice, Mr. Hoge, Mr. Young, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from July were approved with corrections.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
No Report.
Server Committee
No report. There was some discussion about the recruiting effort.

AdHoc Committees

  • Overnight Canoe Trip. Chris Jayne reported that brainstorming was still in process. The PLC offered some suggestions, and Mr. Simpson offered to serve as a resource for information about campsites in the Umbagog region.

    Old Business

  • HVSC Packing List. The list was distributed by email before camp.
  • Server Committee. There was some discussion about the effort to recruit committee members. Steve still has the action to do the recruiting. He reported that Ari showed some interest when he discussed it with him at camp.
  • One-Day Wet Outing 14 August. Paul moved to accept Mr. Simpson's invitation to hold the outing at the Simpson camp at Goose Pond. Oli agreed to chair the planning committee with assistance from Hidde.
  • Canoe Trip 21-22 August. No business was transacted under this item.
  • Mountain Trip 18-19 September. Initially, this item was tabled until September, but on reflection, Paul moved to form a planning committee. The motion carried. Steve will chair the committee with assistance from Paul and Chris.
  • Roundup. Paul moved to form a committee to plan this event. The motion carried. Paul will serve as chairman. The PLC discussed several ideas for activities including cooking, scout skill stations, firebuilding, and orienteering. Most activities discussed involved a hike to the troop campsite.
  • Webelos Outing. The Webelos outing will be held 12 Sep. Paul agreed to chair a planning committee. The most popular idea was to conduct the Velvet Rocks hike that we have used for Webelos orientation in the past.

    New Business

  • Elections. Mr. Brown relayed a request from Mr. Smith to consider scheduling elections. After some discussion of timing and methods, Paul moved that we "Announce elections on 1 Sep, and then at the 8 Sep meeting, hold nominations early, and later in the meeting give candidates an opportunity to speak before holding the election." The motion passed.
  • Rock Climbing. Paul suggested a rock climbing outing before the end of summer. After some discussion, Paul moved "To hold a rock climbing outing at Loggerhead Cliffs at a date in October to be determined at the September PLC meeting." Paul agreed to chair the planning committee.

    Calendar Review


    7 AugShrine Game Cleanup.Mr. Smith
    14 Aug Wet Outing.Oli and Hidde
    21-22 AugCanoe Trip.Chris
    1 SepRoundup.Paul
    8 SepElections.Mr. Smith
    12 SepWebelos Hike.Paul
    18-19 SepMountain HikeSteve
    ?? OctRock Climbing.Paul

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Oli: Plan for Goose Pond 14 Aug
  • Chris: Plan canoe trip 21 Aug
  • Steve: Recruit for Sever Committee
  • Paul: Plan Roundup activities 1 Sep
  • Paul: Plan Webelos Hike 12 Sep
  • Steve: Plan Mountain Hike 18-19Sep
  • Paul: Plan Rock Climbing trip. Report to Sep PLC


    Adjourned at 2033

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