Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Jul 2004

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Call to Order

Convened at 1912 12Jul04, Steve Desaulniers presiding.


Chris Jayne, Hidde deMuinck, Mr. Smith, Mr. Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from June were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
Mr. Brown reported that the Prouty Service Project went well, and our help was appreciated. Mr. Smith reported that the Strawberry Supper went well and that our help was appreciated. Hidde reported that the Independence Day Parade was very well attended and that our participation was successful.
Server Committee
No report. There was some discussion of the function and makeup of the Server Committee.

AdHoc Committees

  • Connecticut River Canoe Trip. This trip was cancelled because most of the available scouts were riding in the Prouty. The committee was discharged.
  • Flying. Mr. Brown reported that the outing went as planned. Details in the Outing Report. The committee was discharged.
  • Philmont Hike. This activity never got properly coordinated. The planning was not completed and the outing did not take place (although the Philmont contingent did go for a hike on the planned day). The committee was discharged.

    Old Business

  • HVSC Packing List. Camp attendees are having difficulty getting information about what to bring. Chris moved "That Steve will print the packing list and distribute it at the next Troop Meeting." The motion passed.

    New Business

  • Server Committee. After some discussion of the history, purpose, and makeup of the Server Committee, Chris moved "To recruit new members of the server committee from the troop." The motion passed with the understanding that members must be serious about maintaining the troop website. Mr. Brown will advise the committee and continue to serve as webmaster.
  • One-Day Wet Outing 14 August. We discussed some possibilities but decided to appoint a committee and make firm plans at the August PLC Meeting. The object is to have a one day outing that will involve swimming. On safety grounds, Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown discouraged a proposal to go to Quechee Gorges.
  • Canoe Trip 20-21 August. Chris will chair the planning committee for a canoe trip in August. The committee is charged to plan an overnight trip, preferably to a wilderness campsite. Consideration is to be given to a Magalloway River - Umbagog Lake - Androscoggin River route. The committee may choose another route at its discretion.
  • Mountain Trip 18-19 September. We will form a planning committee for this outing at the September PLC Meeting.
  • Mr. Smith requested that the troop plan a September event that could involve the Webelos den. The PLC will take up this question at the August PLC.
  • Mr. Smith requested that the troop hold a Roundup in September. We decided that the Roundup would be held at the regular troop meeting, 1 Sep. Scouts will invite friends to come to the meeting, where we will have activities designed to attract new members.

    Calendar Review


    18-24 Jul HVSC.Mr. Smith
    7 AugShrine Game Cleanup.Mr. Smith
    14 Aug Wet Outing.TBD
    20-21 AugCanoe Trip.Chris
    1 SepRoundup.TBD
    18-19 SepMountain HikeTBD
    ?? SepWebelos ActivityTBD

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Steve: Report August Calendar at troop meeting 14 Aug
  • Steve: Print and copy HVSC Packing Instructions and distribute at troop meeting 14 Aug
  • Chris: Plan canoe trip 20 Aug
  • Steve: Recruit for Sever Committee at troop meeting 14 Aug


    Adjourned at 2036

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