Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, Jun 2004

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Call to Order

Convened at 1910 7Jun04 , Christian presiding.


Christian, Mr. Hoge, Dr. Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes of the May meeting were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
Mr. Hoge reported that he had received thank-you notes for the Troop's participation in the Hanover Town Meeting and in Muster Day. He also noted that there was an article and picture from Muster Day in the June 3rd Connecticut Valley Spectator newspaper.
Server Committee
No report.

AdHoc Committees

Attendees discussed recent events including the trip to Battleship Cove, the Tenderfoot Skills Camp, Muster Day and the Smarts Mountain hike. All events were successful and the associated committees were discharged.

Old Business

The ongoing new Scout training was discussed. Four of the new Scouts participated in the Tenderfoot Skills Camp and some of them have had sufficient time and experience to be ready for a Tenderfoot Board of Review scheduled for 9 June.

Mr. Hoge reported that plans for Hidden Valley were progressing well and that Scouts would soon need to select the Merit Badges that they wish to work on while at camp.

Wednesday night programs for the coming month were discussed.

  • 9 June should be devoted to the Board of Review and preparation for Hidden Valley.
  • 16 June will be Parents Night and an Eagle Court of Honor.
  • 23 June will be preflight orientation and an introduction to Aviation merit badge.
  • 30 June will be rifle shooting at the Grafton County Fish and Game Club.

Christian indicated that he still did not have any details about the 26-27 June Philmont Training Hike. The location and schedule depend on the availability of the adult leaders going to Philmont. Details will be annnounced when they become available.

Dr. Brown reported that the plans for the flying outing on 24 June were progressing well.

New Business

Mr. Hoge said that the Troop has been requested to support the Etna Ladies Aid Strawberry Supper on 20 Jun. We have supported this effort in the past and agreed to do so again.

Mr. Hoge also indicated that we have once again been asked to lead the 4th of July parade in Hanover and to lead the Pledge of Allegiance in the program that follows the parade. We have supported this effort in the past and agreed to do so again.

Attendees discussed and agreed to support the Prouty Ride on July 10th. Our role will be to assist with cleanup and teardown after the event. Ari Brown was appointed to coordinate the Troops participation.

July outings were discussed. It was decided that we would plan to have a canoe trip on the Connecticut River on the morning of 10 July. The event will be scheduled so that participants can return to Hanover in time to work on the Prouty Ride project. Will Smith was appointed to coordinate the Troop's participation.

Calendar Review

  • 20 Jun -- Strawberry Supper
  • 24 Jun -- Flying outing
  • 4 Jul -- Parade in Hanover
  • 10 Jul -- Canoe trip and Prouty support
  • 18-24 Jul -- Hidden Valley

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Dr. Brown will continue planning and coordination for the flying outing
  • Ari will coordinate the Troop's support for the Prouty ride
  • Will will plan the canoe trip for 10 Jul


    Adjourned at 1955.

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