Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, May 2004

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Call to Order

Convened at 7:06 PM 10 May 2004, Christian presiding.


Steve, Oli, Christian, Chris, Jason, Dr. Brown, Mr. Smith, Mr. Simpson & Mr. Hoge.

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from April were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
No report
Server Committee
No report

AdHoc Committees

Christian reported that the ice axe training had been successful. The committee was discharged.

Dr. Brown reported that the ValleyNet Swap Meet was successful. The committee was discharged.

Mr. Hoge reported that the Webelos outing was successful. The committee was discharged.

Old Business

Steve reported that the AT Hike that had been scheduled for the 2nd of May didn't happen. Mr. Hoge reminded the PLC that "nothing good ever happens by itself" and successful outings do require planning and coordination.

It was reported that the trip to Battleship Cove is full and we are waiting to see if we get some more slots.

The PLC discussed the requirement for a Tenderfoot skills camp. It had tentatively been planned for May but because Crossover didn't happen until the last day of April, it was decided that we will have the outing on June 5th and 6th. Jason volunteered to plan the outing.

Jason reported that signup for summer camp at Hidden Valley was going well.

The subject of meeting locations was discussed. It was the consensus of the PLC that we should meet outside as soon as possible. Mr. Hoge indicated that if the patrol leaders were to call all of their patrol members, there was no reason why outside meetings couldn't start this week (12 May). Patrol Leaders agreed to call their patrol members. Storrs Pond meetings will begin on 12 May.

Dr. Brown reported that he had found a way to have a meeting/trip to an airport and to take an orientation flight in a small aircraft. Insurance obstacles have been overcome through membership in the Experimental Aircraft Association. After some discussion, Thursday the 24th of June was selected as the target date for a flying outing.

New Business

The need for New Scout Training was discussed. Andrew has been recruited at the Troop Guide but is involved in lacrosse which may impact his availability. Jason volunteered to help with New Scout Training.

The program for Wednesday night meetings was discussed. It was decided that on 12 May we will build two flag poles; on 19 may we will hike Balch Hill; and on 26 May we will start a series of cooking exercises.

Muster Day was discussed. The Troop will participate in the Muster Day ceremonies on Monday, May 31st.

The Philmont contingent needs to have a series of training hikes. Christian agreed to plan a hike for the weekend of 26-27 June and to open the hike to other qualified Scouts who are interested in attending.

Steve brought up the desire to reschedule a hike to make up for the one that was cancelled on May 2nd. It was decided to hike Smarts Mountain on 16 May. Participants will meet in the Old Hospital Parking Lot at 7:30 AM.

Oli suggested that the Troop have another rifle shooting night. The idea was well received and it was decided to schedule the range for June 30th.

Calendar Review

  • 12 May -- First Storrs Pond meeting
  • 16 May -- Smarts Mountain hike
  • 5-6 June -- Tenderfoot Skills Camp
  • 24 June -- Aviation outing
  • 26-27 June -- Philmont crew hike
  • 30 June -- Rifle shooting night

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Steve will plan Smarts Mountain hike
  • Christian will plan Philmont crew hike
  • Jason will plan Tenderfoot skills camp and help with New Scout training.
  • Jason will continue Hidden Valley coordination
  • Dr. Brown will coordinate flying
  • Oli and Mr. Simpson will coordinate shooting night


    Adjourned at 8:19 PM

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