Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, April 2004

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Call to Order

The April PLC meeting was convened at 2:00 PM on Saturday April 3rd in conjunction with Junior Leader Training, Christian presiding.


Michael, Jason, David, Hidde, Steve, Paul F, Chris, Luke, Christian, Oli, Paul T.

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from March were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
No report
Server Committee
No report

AdHoc Committees

The Black Mountain outing was successful. It turned out to be a genuine winter camping trip. The committee was discharged.

The Nunnemacher Cabin weekend was successful in spite of the rain on Friday evening and thin snow cover for skiing. The committee was discharged.

Old Business

The PLC discussed the New Scouts that we expect to be joining the Troop. A date has not yet been established for Crossover however it should be some time later this month. A Webelos outing is planned for Sunday April 4th.

The subject of ice axe training was discussed. Christian will coordinate an after-school ice axe training session with Dr. Brown.

New Business

There was strong demand for some hiking in the next couple months. A day hike on the Appalachian Trail was scheduled for 1 May. Steve will plan the outing.

The trip to Battleship Cove is scheduled for 22-23 May. Paul F and Michael will serve as the planning committee.

Luke, Oli and Christian discussed their upcoming trip to Philmont. They will need several training hikes. The hike on 1 May will serve as a training hike. Christian also agreed to investigate the possibility of an AMC Hut Hike as an pre-Philmont expedition.

The PLC discussed the request from Valley Net for support at their annual Computer Swap Meet and Recycling event. The Troop will support this event as a community service project on Saturday May 8th.

A New Scout outing was tentatively scheduled for May 15th, under the assumption that Crossover would happen in mid to late April.

Summer camp at Hidden Valley was discussed. Jason agreed to serve as the Scout coordinator for summer camp.

Luke suggested that the Troop begin meeting at Storrs Pond as soon as sunset is late enough. This suggestion was agreed upon by all and the desire was expressed to do lots of cooking and canoeing.

Calendar Review

  • 4 April - Webelos outing
  • late April - Crossover
  • 1 May - Day hike on AT
  • 8 May - Valley Net support
  • 15-16 May - New Scout outing (tentative)
  • 22-23 May - Battleship Cove
  • 31 May - Muster Day

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Steve will plan hike for 1 May
  • Paul F and Michael will promote Battleship Cove
  • Christian will look into AMC Hut Hike
  • Jason will coordinate summer camp


    Adjourned at 3:00 PM

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