Patrol Leaders Council
Minutes, March 2004

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Call to Order

The April PLC meeting was convened at 1915 hrs on 1 March, Christian presiding.


Christian, Oli, Hidde, Chris, Mr. Hoge, Dr. Brown

Review of Minutes from Last Month

Minutes from February were approved as read.

Committee Reports

Standing Committees

Service Committee
Not present
Server Committee
Not present

AdHoc Committees

The Moose Mountain ski trip was successful; the committee was discharged.

Chris reported that planning for the Black Mountain outing was in progress. Dr. Brown offered to assist if needed.

Old Business

Recruitment of Troop officers was discussed. So far we have Paul F. as Quartermaster, and Michael as Librarian. Christian and Steve will continue to recruit.

The upcoming Nunnemacher Cabin outing was discussed. Although the weather forecast is for rain and relatively warm weather, we will go ahead with the outing. Mr. Hoge will have a few alternative activities available if they are needed.

New Business

Mr. Hoge brought up the need to have Junior Leader Training and the need to have an outing which 2nd year Webelos can attend. It was decided that JLT will be conducted on Saturday 3 April and that we will have a Webelos outing on Sunday 4 April. Mr. Hoge will handle the preparations for JLT. Hidde agreed to plan the Webelos outing.

Upcoming Troop meetings were discussed. We will continue the swimming program on 3 and 10 March. On 17 March we will have a presentation on winter camping equipment in preparation for Black Mountain. Mr. Hoge will arrange for a Personal Fitness Merit Badge introduction on 24 March.

Dr. Brown brought up the possibility of conducting ice axe training. We will need to watch for the closing of the Dartmouth Skiway and plan the ice axe training after the skiway closes but before the snow melts.

Calendar Review

  • 5-7 March -- Nunnemacher Cabin trip
  • 20-21 March -- Black Mountain overnight
  • 3 April -- JLT
  • 4 April -- Webelos Outing

    Review of Actions Assigned

  • Chris will continue Black Mountain outing preparation.
  • Christian and Steve will continue to recruit Troop officers
  • Mr. Hoge will plan JLT
  • Hidde will plan the Webelos outing
  • Mr. Hoge will arrange for Personal Fitness MB introduction
  • Dr. Brown will monitor the skiway in preparation for ice axe training.


    Adjourned at 1955

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