MINUTES -- February 2004

Convened at (time & date):

2 February 2004 7:05 PM


Christian Olsen (SPL), Steve DeSaulniers (ASPL), Chris Jayne (Wolf PL), Jason Barry (Wolf APL), Mr. Brown (ASM)

Review of minutes from last month:

          The minutes from the January meeting were discussed from memory.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Christian Olsen reported that the Afghan Shoes and Socks Drive was completed successfully.

                    Server Committee:

          AdHoc Committees:

Christian reported that the Marksmanship program was very successful and that everyone present at the meeting had a chance to shoot. Several scouts have submitted their targets to receive a patch. The planning committee was discharged.

Christian reported that the Cardigan Mountain trip evolved several times but ended up as a succesful day hike. The planning committee was discharged.

Jason reported that the Okemo Ski Trip was successful. The planning committee was discharged.

Old Business:

No Old Business was dicussed.

New Business:

Troop Officers. A lengthy discussion was held to determine how we would recruit and motivate new troop officers. Since the troop is meeting at the pool for the next four weeks, the ASPL will privately recruit officers. He will use the Leadership Application Forms posted on the library page of the troop website to approach candidates and secure their understanding of the job and their agreement to take on the responsibilities involved. Mr. Brown will make sure that the application form is updated to reflect the new duties of the Historian and is posted on the website. It was noted that Michael Balch is already serving as Librarian. It is believed that Paul Fitzmaurice wishes to be Quartermaster. The PLC agreed that Will Smith should be approached for Scribe.

Moose Mountain Ski Tour. It was decided to go backcountry skiing on Moose Mt Sunday, 8 Feb. Jason Barry will plan the outing. The outing should be similar to the last time.

Black Mountain. It was decided that we should do a winter mountain overnight in March, but not something as challenging as Liberty Springs. Black Mountain would be fun but still accessible to first-time winter campers. We will climb Black Mountain 20-21 March. Chris Jayne will plan the outing.

Calendar Review:

4 Feb -- Troop Meeting at the Dartmouth Pool

8 Feb -- Moose Mt Ski Tour

11 Feb -- Troop Meeting at the Dartmouth Pool

18 Feb -- Troop Meeting at the Dartmouth Pool

25 Feb -- Troop Meeting at the Dartmouth Pool

5-7 Mar -- Nunnemacher Cabin, Boy Scout Ski Day at Skiway

20-21 Mar -- Black Mountain Equinox Overnight

Review of Actions Assigned:

  • Steve will recruit Officers
  • Mr. Brown will make sure Application Forms are on website
  • Jason Barry will plan Moose Mt Ski Tour
  • Chris Jayne will plan Black Mt Climb
Adjourned at: 7:55 PM