5 Jan 2004

Convened at (time & date):

1907 5 January 04


Andrew (Acting SPL), Oli, Christian, Paul F., Michael B., Mr. Hoge, Dr. Brown, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Scavone

Review of minutes from last month:

          Minutes from December were approved with one change; that being the deletion of the line under old business which read: "Christian is continuing to plan the Moosilauke hike for Sunday 16 November."

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Mr. Hoge reported that Will's Eagle project had been completed successfully on December 7th. Dr. Brown brought up the fact that our Toys-for-Tots collection had not been completed successfully this year. Part of the problem was that the meeting was cancelled on December 17th due to bad weather but there were also some communication problems in getting the word out to everyone about the collection. We'll have to try harder next year.
                    Server Committee: No report.

          AdHoc Committees:

Christian reported that the winter camping trip to Orange Cove, previously being considered for December 20th and 21st, had not been completed due to problems finding sufficient available adults and lack of planning time due to the December 17th meeting cancellation. After some discussion, that outing was rescheduled for the weekend of January 17th. Christian will make announcements and publish a plan.

Oli discussed the Okemo ski trip planned for January 11th. After discussion it was decided to go ahead with the outing, planning to take advantage of Okemo's half-day rates on Sunday for New Hampshire residents. Oli will make announcements and publish a plan.

Old Business:

The Troop holiday party that had been planned for December 17th did not take place because the meeting was cancelled due to weather.

The Orange Cove outing and the Okemo trip were discussed under Committee Reports.

New Business:

Oli briefed the PLC on the plan for the marksmanship training that will be conducted during the Troop meetings on January 14th and 21st. The training on the 14th will be held at the Community Center and will include primarily safety training, instruction on using rifle sights, care of rifles, etc. On the 21st we will go to the Grafton County indoor shooting range located a few miles south of WalMart in West Lebanon. Oli will make an announcement at the meeting on Wednesday. Andrew, Christian and Oli will assist Mr. Simpson with the training.

Mr. Hoge brought up the fact that it is time for SPL elections. Luke will make announcements at the meeting on Wednesday and prospective candidates will be encouraged to talk with Luke and/or Mr. Hoge about the position. Elections will probably be held on either the 21st or the 28th.

Mr. Hoge brought up a potential service project. A member of the staff at CRREL is currently serving a tour in Afganistan and has become involved with a group of people who are trying to help an Afgan orphanage. It is winter but many of the children in the orphanage have neither socks nor shoes. Some people at CRREL are starting a collection of used shoes and socks that will be sent to Afganistan. Mr. Young and Mr. Hoge suggest that the Troop could help with the collection. Paul F. and Michael B. volunteered to coordinate the collection. Paul will make an annoucement at the meeting on Wednesday.

Mr. Hoge reviewed the plan, script and presentation for Parents' Night. Everyone present at the PLC will be involved in the presentation.

Calendar Review:

7 Jan - Parents Night
11 Jan - Okemo Ski Trip
14 Jan - Marksmanship training at the community center
17 Jan - Winter overnight to Orange Cove
21 Jan - Marksmanship training at indoor range
21 or 28 Jan - SPL election

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 2008