MINUTES -- November 2003

Convened at (time & date):

3 November 2003 7:00 PM


John Mitchell, Luke Kraus, Oli Simpson, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Hoge

Review of minutes from last month:

          It was noted that there had not been an October meeting because the Sepember meeting had been held late in the month. The minutes from the September meeting were approved as read.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Mr. Hoge mentioned that William Henderson-Frost is planning Scouting for Food for 15 and 22 November

                    Server Committee:

          AdHoc Committees:

Mr. Hoge reported that the NH Jamboree had been successful.

Oli reported that that the Long Trail Hike had been successful

Old Business:

Christian is continuing to plan the Moosilauke hike for Sunday 16 November.

Oli is planning the Winter Shakedown for the afternoon of 22 November through the morning of 23 November.

New Business:

Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge will be introduced on either the 12th or the 19th of November

There will be a review of winter camping equipment on the 19th in preparation for the Winter Shakedown outing.

The date for Parents' Night was discussed and it was decided to move it to 7 January

Other meetings in January will be devoted to introduction to Marksmanship Merit Badge

Calendar Review:

15 and 22 November -- Scouting for Food

16 November -- Moosilauke Hike

19 November -- Winter Camping equipment review

12 or 19 November -- Citizenship in the Community introduction

22-23 November -- Winter Shakedown outing

17 December -- Holiday Party

7 January -- Parents' Night

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 8:15 PM