Convened at (time & date):

7:08 PM 4 August


Luke, Robert, Oli, Mr. Hoge

Review of minutes from last month:

Minutes were approved as read

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Not present                     Server Committee: Not present

          AdHoc Committees:

Umbagog Lake. Oli reported that the outing is set for 22-24 August. Oli will continue to work on developing the roster and looking for adults to participate.

NUSA Camporee. Andrew was not present but it was reported that he is continuing to advertise this event.

Old Business:

Mr Hoge reported that Carl had successfully completed his Eagle project on 12 July.

New Business:

Oli suggested that the Troop consider a hiking and fishing trip of several days duration. The idea was accepted and Oli volunteered to research and plan further.

The topic of a Summer Adventure for 2004 was discussed. Luke agreed to chair a Summer Adventure Committee and Robert agreed to serve on the committee.

The need for an Annual Program Planning Conference was discussed. It was decided to have the meeting either on the 6th or 7th of September. Luke agreed to talk to other junior leaders and select a date.

Calendar Review:

22-24 August -- Umbagog Lake Canoe Trip
19-21 September -- NUSA Camporee
6 or 7 September -- APPC

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at:

8:00 PM