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1915 8 July 03


Andrew (ASPL), Christian, Oli, Mr. Hoge, Mr. Simpson

Review of minutes from last month:

          Approved as read.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Not present.

          AdHoc Committees:

Four committees reported and were discharged:

Oli reported that the Troop successfully supported the Strawberry Supper. Mr. Hoge reported that the Etna Ladies Aid group plans to provide strawberry shortcake to the Troop at the meeting on July 23rd in appreciation of the Troop's assistance at the supper.

Oli reported that the 4th of July parade went well. Four Scouts represented the Troop along with a number of Cub Scouts from Pack 45.

Christian reported that the wilderness survival outing on Moose Mountain went well in spite of the rain.

Oli reported that the hike to Lafayette went well although the "fast" group had to wait for the "slow" group severl times. Mr. Hoge observed that the large number of particpants (19), made such a situation unavoidable.

Old Business:

The PLC discussed the possible upcoming trip to Lake Umbagog / Androscoggin River. Oli reported that several possible dates are available if we are willing to camp at a shore-side site or at the river site. After some discussion, it was decided that our first choice weekend would be 15-17 August and the second choice would be 22-24 August. Oli will check on the availability of camp sites for those weekends and make reservations accordingly.

New Business:

Andrew introduced the Norwich University Scouting Association Camporee to be held on 19-21 September. The Troop currently holds slots for 10 Scouts however more can be added. Andrew will develop a detailed plan for the outing.

Mr. Hoge mentioned that Carl Hoge will be doing his Eagle Project on July 12th at the High School. Help will be needed. Contact Carl for details.

The PLC discussed the meeting plans for July and August. 9 July will be devoted to planning for the trip to Camp Bell. Subsequent weeks in July and early August will be devoted to canoeing and swimming as part of Canoeing merit badge and in preparation for the Umbagog/Androscoggin trip.

Oli suggested a camping/fishing trip in Vermont in either September or October. He will do further research on available dates and the PLC will consider it at the August meeting

Mr Hoge proposed a restructuring of the Patrols which was accepted with a few suggestions. The restructuring will form two patrols: Wolves and Beavers. Each patrol will be large enough to operate effectively.

Mr. Hoge brought up the fund raising event scheduled for August 2nd. The Troop will cleanup the Dartmouth stadium following the Shrine football game. This is a good money-maker for the Troop

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Adjourned at: 8:25 PM