Convened at (time & date):

7:20 PM 2 Jun 03


Chris, Christian, Oli, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Hoge

Review of minutes from last month:

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.

Committee Reports

          Standing Committees:

                    Service Committee: Mr. Hoge mentioned that there were several service opportunities coming up including the Stawberry Supper and several Eagle projects.

                    Server Committee: No report from the server committee.

          AdHoc Committees:

Mr. Hoge reported for Spencer that Muster Day in Hanover Center had been successful in spite of the rain. He also reported for Luke that the Tenderfoot Skills Camp had been successful and that all of the New Scouts had attended and completed the camping requirements for Tenderfoot.

Old Business:

Christian reviewed the plans for the upcoming wilderness survival outing. Because of the high amounts of rainfall that we've been having recently which results in standing water at the South Peak of Moose Mtn, it was decided to move the campsite to the vicinity of the North Peak.

Chris discussed the planned hike to Mt. Lafayette on June 21st. The formal plan is not yet completed but the hike will occur on the 21st.

New Business:

Mr. Hoge brought up the Etna Ladies Aid Strawberry Supper scheduled for Sunday June 15th. About 10 Scouts and a few adults are needed to support this event. Oli agreed to own the event and make announcements at the upcoming Troop meetings.

The 4th of July parade was discussed. The Troop will lead the parade with a color guard and will supply one Scout to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Oli volunteered to lead the pledge.

Possible weekend outings for July and August were discussed. Mr. Simpson suggested that the PLC consider an expedition to Umbagog Lake some time in August and agreed to look in to the availability of campsites there.

The theme for June meetings was discussed. New Scouts need to complete Tenderfoot requirements in order to be ready for parents Night on June 18th. The Board of Review will be on June 11th and Mr. Hoge will do Scoutmaster conferences on June 4th and 11th. June 25th will be canoeing and swimming.

Calendar Review:

Review of Actions Assigned:

Adjourned at: 8:05 PM